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Personal bad experience with my client 2019

I got a order some days before. The client is USA person. I have a good experience about US person that there mind and communication is very good. First time i complete his order in the end of the day and i send his all file that he want.
When i check his profile, I saw he is a second person. I mean he catch the work and make a project to finish someone.
After some time he said give me the revision. I again sand his all file with revision.
After some time he said again give me some revision and I given all file … again.
Next day the client said you don’t sand Vector file (ai). But i send all file .I send him screen short just prove.

After some time the client said cancel the order
i told him why i cancel the order sir, if i cancel the order it will be bad effect of my account. if any fault of my work please i will change.
The client you don’t send ai file. Then i send again screen shot.
Then after some time the client send me a bad feedback and 1 star review.
I surprised and ask the question my client why you do like that…?

But the client is gone…I understand one-thing that, when you get more order and making good then some of a person will try to bad effect your account.
You can check my account now what happen. Now all good of my account, i solved it.
so, friend be careful about this client.
Thank you.


Yeah, unfortunately there is nothing more you could do.

I would suggest for you to reply on your page under his review that you provided everything as requested and also gave him a vector file.

How did you solve it?

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How you solve it? fiverrr support removes your bad review?

Again i start marketing and get order complete with good feedback and review.

  1. Ad plagin
  2. SMM
  3. Blacklink
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wow great…can you please share smm and ad plugin? what you exactly did?

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This same happened with on my first order,i completed the project then Buyer tried to cancel the order but i declined,i was asked him for what reasons you are going to cancel the order, he did not respond. I even offered him Unlimited revisions But…