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Personal balance has decreased

My personal balance has decreased over the last 3 days. By Tuesday my earnings were $134, then the next day were $120, and today it’s $118.
Has anyone been through something like this?
I contacted support but haven’t received any response until now.
Any idea why this might be happening?


Are you seeing the same thing in your phone?
Did you change the Fiverr Default Currency in these days by any chance?
Do you have any activer orders as a buyer?
Can you calculate amount through the earning page, maybe they will not match then, it means it’s a bug and it should be fixed by itself.

Currently due to COVID-19, the CS is overwhelmed with the active requests, and hope they will reply to you soon about all of this.

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I’ve been checking through my phone and desktop.
No, I didn’t change the currency. Actually, the amount is in BR currency, I placed those numbers just to illustrate the issue.
No, I don’t have any active orders as a buyer - I had checked that, just to make sure.
I really hope it’s something they can work out.

Thank you!


Just an update. The central support replied me explaining the situation.

Since I set up to view my personal balance in BR currency, it changes depending on the exchange rate. I didn’t know that. I thought the exchange rate would remain the same as when the order was placed.

Anyway, it wasn’t an issue and now I know how it works.:woman_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for offering help. :blush:

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