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Personal Branding Course 3x3 Goals Sheet

Hello, fellow learners!

I’m currently enrolled in the course Personal Branding: Creating a Strong Online Presence, and in Chapter 4 the instructor talks about discovering the WHY behind our brand by creating a 3x3 goals sheet. He encourages us to fill it out and then share it through our network, and I thought it would be fun to post mine here on the forum :smiley:.

I will admit, I had trouble coming up with 3 items for each box and timeframe, but I think they reflect my desire to focus more on just a few key goals and hobbies.

3x3 Goals Sheet-Fiverr


Thank you for sharing

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“Walk the Camino de Santiago” took my attention, I have added this to my wish list.
thanks for sharing your plan :smiley:
Good luck with 3x3 goals :sunglasses:


Thank you :grin: ! And walking the Camino de Santiago is something I’ve been dreaming about ever since I found out about it :green_heart:. Looking at my goals, I realize that it fits into the idea of both wanting to refine my personal direction and grow my horizons, so this exercise has already been super helpful. Hopefully by taking this same approach of refining and expanding in my professional life, I will be able to afford a trip to Europe :laughing: :luggage:.


Very help for newcomers

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Hi, you have done good job. thanks for sharing it.

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