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Personal Buyer Banning

It would be nice if sellers could ban certain buyers from ordering again. There are some buyers that are simply not worth the trouble and it would be nice to just set a flag to not ever accept orders from them again. Not site wide, just on a seller by seller basis. So each seller would have their own list of banned buyers.

Yes, I completely agree as well this would be so beneficial and it would clear up customer service big time! Preventing the ordeal of having to cancel on the sellers end, and clearing up customer service by having to submit tickets about the buyers and/or their orders. It would save so much time and money for everyone!

This STILL needs to happen! We sellers NEED to be able to block/ban bad buyers!

I would never have thought of that, unless I had a bad experience in the future. I agree that a Seller should be able to block a Buyer from buying from them again under limited circumstances. It would be best to limit this only to Seller/Buyer relationships where CS has had to become involved in the past, or something like that.

I support this!

I think a seller should be able to block a buyer without any restrictions. A seller that doesn’t want a buyer’s business is not going to do good work. A buyer that wants more than a seller provides is always going to have hurt feelings. The best option is a “deliver once and then ban” solution.

I’m glad you agree. It seems hard to get through to Fiverr tech and user support that this is a necessary tool…

I’m hoping this post will pick up speed at some point and it will become clear to the tech/user-support that this tool is needed.

I’m currently going through an issue where a user gave me a one star and a psycho-rant-review because I asked him not to order from me again, since his request for extra work literally cut into my profit margin. I even gave him the extra work. This would have gone better if I could have delivered his order and just clicked a ban button, so he could never order again.