Personal experience ( 0$ to $1.5k - $2k / month )


dear, readers

i have been working here from around 1 year, and now i’m on top in my section ( landing page ) with highest positive ratings, on that time when i was doing start ( in beginning ) i was little nervous because i had no any sells for long time, few buyers were using buyer section but i never used that because i didn’t see good opportunity in website development on that time but now i strongly recommend that for newbies, i did face disappointed many times during order cancellation, e.t.c, so that’s why i strongly recommend to read and understand all terms and conditions first because i did mistake and you shouldn’t do that of-course

i just want to do suggest few basic things for newbies, which i did and doing now also

  • be original don’t copy others description, gig image, e.t.c ( ya, you can definitely get idea, inspirations, e.t.c )
  • be patient work smartly not hardly
  • be polite always with your buyers
  • try to respond asap, if you can
  • always try to learn new concept
  • don’t compare yourself with anyone ( because it will help you to become best and unique )

there is a error in my username, so you can view my profile from here -

kindly ask me, if you have questions

thank you so much



Congratulations, that is really fantastic!
100% positive reviews too - well done and best of luck with your second year here.
To anyone wanting to visit the OP’s profile, remove the 1 from the name as this is a forum bug for some users.


I’m glad to know that , Congratulation ! Fantastic !

But it seems your account is no longer available. can you share more about why your account is no longer available in fiverr ? checked your profile link but seems it’s say

" The user account you are looking for is no longer available. "

Sharing is caring , karma is best to give best !

Clarification : It’s all about knowledge improvement & information purpose.


Remove the “1” from the username, you will get it.


This one is the reason behind my all repeat buyers.

" Kill the customer with your kindness"


exactly :slight_smile:

dear, there is a error in my username, i did contact for support, that will fix soon, you can see my profile here -

thank you so much for your suggestions


Congrats ! All the best !