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Personal Fiverr Seller Blogs


This is an amazing feature in that it will allows us to create content

for fiverr which will increase traffic, and also allow better personalization

with fiverr buyers.

Naturally security is at your discretion, but this personal blog feature

would be an amazing add on for seller, that way we could SEO optimize

our gigs on our pages for search rankings more using blog posts.

And people can start following sellers based on content we share and tips



Hey, I’m a newbie, but like to know more about the blog… Can someone please tell more…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I like this idea, but if Fiverr does not offer this space, they should at least allow us to add seller news, even if only like a micro blog like Twitter. Could help increase sales.


This is a good idea, however I doubt Fiverr will add this feature as they concentrate on making the existing features better.




It is a good idea however, it will be spammed to death. It should be given to level 2 sellers and above to reduce the spam.