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Recently, some buyer requested me tons of times to share my personal number. Although i didn’t share but received the warning from fiverr to avoid sharing the personal contact otherwise my account can be banned.
To tackle such situation where buyer without seller’s intention keeps asking for personal contact, i’ve created a FAQ under each of my gig with following content:

Q: Can you share personal contact info?
A: Exchanging personal contact info is strictly prohibited in fiverr policies by any means. So please don’t ask for any personal contact e.g email , phone number etc.

Is it fine to place such FAQ beneath each gig to warn buyers to not ask for personal info or, will it put me in more trouble in terms of fiverr policies ?

Please give your valuable suggestions.



It’s ok to do that but I do not suggest you put that in your questions on your gig.

If anyone ever mentions things like sharing personal contact information I totally ignore that as if they never said it. I don’t want to even answer or discuss that at all.

Or I might tell them it is against fiverr’s rules to do that and I never do that.


I wouldn’t bother.

If they’ve read the ToS, they will know (and you want buyers who know the ToS).

Instead of saying you “don’t” communicate elswhere, you could say you “only communicate on Fiverr.”