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Personal introduction and a question


Hello, everyone, I’ve just signed on to Fiverr as an audiobook narrator, but received an email informing me that my gig “did not pass approval,” with a long list of, ahem, errors. I was referred to the Terms & Conditions. One item on the list states that I included request for disallowed services? Huh? Voiceover narration is disallowed?? Another says it contains payment information. Am I misreading the email, or has anyone else had trouble with initial sign-up?

There is nothing mysterious about my request/gig: I’m offering my services as an audiobook narrator.


Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:

Hm. Maybe they assume you offer to narrate books the rights of which belong to someone else than the person who’d buy your gig? Maybe you have to formulate clearer that you won’t do anything that hurts someone’s copyright/IP. But I don’t know.
You could try to ask Customer Support on details.

You have any ‘forbidden words’ like mail, pay, your website anything with private contact info in your gig description? It might be an automatic thing, not a person, reviewing it and reacting to some trigger word/term.


All seems ok now as your gig is visible. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile: