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Personal issue or website problem?


hi everybody
I am a whiteboard video animator i have uploaded my gig with an amazing description and super relevant tags that i have bring my gig to the first page for certain keywords! my price is as perfect as 5$.
but i am not getting impression and views to my gig its just 300 or 400 impression per day.
Is there any problem in fiverr website or they have a personal issue with me?
probably there is no personal issue there might be some other problem!!!
you can view my gig :


You’ve got 2 orders in your queue.

If I search for ‘whiteboard animation’, there are 1835 results - so I don’t think it’s a problem related to you or your gig, it’s just sheer competition.


my problem is that i am not getting much impression and views!!!


I think I explained above why that might be.


sure that helpful thanks