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"Personal" logo

Bought a logo about two years ago, now saw it in internet w one other company as well. Seller has disappeared. Is this normal?

They probably used a template and just stuck your business name in it.

P.S. While it’s annoying, it’s very common and there is nothing prohibiting them from doing that so long as they had the right to use and resell the template.


So this basically makes everything questionable here in Fiverr. How can I be sure to have unique product? Even if I can have anyone to make me customised logo, they can sell it later on many times?

You’d need to find someone to create you an original logo from scratch (from the hand-drawn concepts, and then though all the phases).

That’s time-consuming and costly, and by 'costly, I mean that the price is often $500+, at least outside of Fiverr.