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Personal Observation on The Algorithm


So basically, I ran multiple searches to see exactly what the state of the current algorithm was and in all honesty IT’S BAD mainly for anyone who has more than 300 reviews.

Search a gig for any category and no one with more than 300 reviews appears when ordered by relevance or when viewing recommended gigs for said category. Most are less than 200 reviews.

Keep in mind, this is a personal observation and not some in-depth analysis but from what I can salvage from this situation is that Fiverr is promoting new sellers but will hopefully even the grounds by weeding out those who underperform or go against TOS.


298 and counting - bring it on!:slight_smile:


That’s the spirit :V


This is interesting. All but one of my gigs are scattered around the ether of search results and some can not be found at all. What really bothers me about new sellers getting preferential treatment though, is the fact that (if this is the case) it makes Fiverr a place to avoid for real career freelancers.

Why invest time here if Fiverr is just going to replace you with a newbie eventually? The result of this will be poorer quality services for end buyers and long-term reputation damage.

My bet is that actual business decisions are now being made by investors rather than senior management. - Great on paper but inevitably such decisions are usually made from a ‘cash in and then let’s run’ mentality, not from a ‘let’s enact something really sustainable here’ point of view.


My worries exactly. I might be in for a very rude wake-up call from reality once I drain my previous customers from all the work they’ve been giving me.

If this keeps up, people that have plan on being long-term freelancers like us might have to leave.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


WOW! Another algorithm stuff! :mask::dizzy_face::drooling_face:


Wouldn’t it make more sense for fiverr to put the sellers who have the most positive reviews where they can be seen?

If there is a reason for giving maximum exposure to new sellers it must be to expand the number of sellers who are able to make sales.


Great experimentation.


@n4y33m @misscrystal
We aren’t complaining just holding a tactical meeting.
The sellers were mostly new with under 300 reviews overall.
So what I can tell, even if you have a gig with low reviews but have say 500 reviews overall you still aren’t gonna see any improvements in traffic.
I think this is Fiverr’s way of letting all the new sellers that have been complaining rather than doing what they should to succeed an opportunity.
I’m not blaming Fiverr it’s just that when you try to be online for at least 18 hours every day, invest so much time and effort only to realize that someone who complained a lot is getting preferential treatment really is annoying me.


Well, I’m new. Then according to your theory, I should get a lot of orders. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe, I didn’t complain yet… :confused:

Another algorithm stuff will show up soon.
Complaining and getting some sales. How logical! :sunglasses:

Note: I’ve seen some sellers moaning about testing with 150+ orders in queue.


@n4y33m dude this might not be the time but developers REALLY need a good portfolio and even better reviews to get more orders.
Even if your gig gets a whole lot of traffic it’s not going to result in an insane boost of orders.

Seriously, I wish someone told me this sooner but you really need to get started with social media. Literally as fast as you can. Make a twitter, make a facebook group/page and advertise share content.

Developers need to put in a lot of effort to get big on Fiverr.

Yes, I’ve seen them too LOL


I have a 9 yo fb id and twitter id.
but the sad thing is, I use it for my friends n family n some learning stuff.
there are no people to sell my services there.

If your theory is correct, I shall start spamming! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


make your own facebook page and help it grow!!!


I was kidding. :wink: :grin:


On this, I honestly thing that even the sellers with the highest incomes should always have backup plans. That doesn’t always mean other sites, it can just mean heavily saving/investing during the good times, but if you don’t have enough to do that yet it’s imperative to put your eggs in multiple baskets. One site is never going to be the forever solution.

I’m not sure about this one - some of the loudest and most demanding “complainers” on the forum have been completely ignored. I don’t think the editors or other departments are impressed by just squeaking alone. I can think of some folks who would be Super Sellers now if complaining was the key. :smiley:


I have to say I was a bit shocked when I found my best selling gig at the bottom of the second page when I searched for my gig under the “relevance” category, and went even lower down the page under the “av.customer review” category. Some of the gigs that appeared at the very top didn’t even have any reviews. Some of them had several hundred which was fine, but the majority had under 30.
Daaang, I have to say I am starting to get a biiiiiit worried.
Since I’ll be on vacation mode soon hopefully by the time I get back things will be fixed…
but oh no, going on vacation mode places you even lower I think??
Oh what to do, what to do. :cold_sweat:


It might be better to pause your gigs. I’m not sure how that works either. And I don’t know how you can keep answering messages if you are on vacation. I have heard others say that vacation mode will not affect your position and others say that it takes a month to be back to where you were sales wise. Anyway have a good time zeus!


Exactly, I’ve been saying that for long, you said it better. Everything I have done on Fiverr so far last 3 years has been to prepare for the day when for any reason I won’t be able to get enough work on Fiverr. So, have saved everything made from Fiverr in long-term bonds, which gives me a reasonable monthly interest income, instead of buying a car or anything like that. The only time I spent my Fiverr money was to get my house repainted. My only regret is not putting the money into mutual funds or stocks, given how much the Indian stock market has gone up last 3 years.


Thank you!
I was also thinking of pausing all my gigs, or have one gig ( it takes the least time to finish) available and pause the rest. Since Fiverr is something I do on the side it’s not that much of a huge deal if my sales go down a bit, but I have heard that you need to maintain a certain number of sales in order to stay as a TRS, I would like to keep that little golden star :wink:


I never thought of that. They can’t mean that TRS can’t take vacations! Or do they?:grimacing: