Personal picture on profile or not?


New here, and putting my profile together.It says in the blog section that you will get more gigs if you use a picture of yourself, however I don’t see too many people doing that. Is there a reason they want to remain anonymous? Is there some reason I wouldn’t want my photo on here?


There are many top rated and extremely successful level 2 who use logos or cartoon as their profile picture. I have a few of them marked as a favorite.

I know some ladies get strange and inappropriate questions that has nothing to do with their gigs, so they do not display their real picture.

Illustrators want to show off their work by using caricature or cartoons of themselves.

Again, there are logo designers who want to display their skills by using something they designed.

There are also part time freelancers who do not want their employers to know what they do. Not because they are doing anything illegal but because it’s none of their business.

Having your personal picture is no guarantee that you will get business or be successful. Not having your picture is also no guarantees either.

Search sellers in the same field as you, check off top rated or level 2. How many have have head shots and how many don’t?


sure, that all makes sense. I was just wondering if there was any reason I didnt want my picture on there, but none of the above reasons apply to me. Thank you.


There are many reasons you wouldn’t want to put your photo on Fiverr. To name a few:

1. You don’t want your employer to find out that you’re on Fiverr. It could make them think that you’re not giving all you have in working for them, which in turn would detract from your perceived value as an employee

2. You don’t want your family or people you know to know that you’re on Fiverr. This could be out of fear of being mocked for selling stuff for $5 or simply out of wanting to maintain one’s privacy

3. You don’t have a picture or you think that you don’t look good or professional enough Self-explanatory

And the list goes on…


To be completely honest, I have built a strong reputation of integrity and honesty here on Fiverr, and using a photo of myself has been a big part of that. It lets my clients know that I am a real person, and it allows them to see who they are working with. Yes, there may be reasons why someone might not want to have their photo on Fiverr, BUT, using a photo can only help. YOU are your brand. YOU are seeking to make connections with potential buyers. Why would you want to ignor one of the most visible opportunities to help establish your brand, and give your buyers that important visual connection to who you are as their freelance professional?


Allow me to hop in.
I’m doing pretty OK here at Fiverr, and from the very beginning I’ve been using a
cartoon drawing of myself because I believe that really shows me who I am.
I have no intentions of changing (if I do, it will still be a cartoon drawing of me) and since
I offer character illustration gigs, I think it is the best choice. Well, at least for me.

I’ve seen a good number of illustrators and logo designers etc not using their actual photo,
I guess their avatar is one small way to promote themselves. :slight_smile:


But your avatar directly reflects who you are, so that, in and of itself, makes for a good, strong image for you.

I think the take-away here is that Fiverr users should use an image that represents them in some way. Sellers should not be using photos of pretty girls (especially if they are a guy), celebrities, stolen artwork from the internet, etc, to represent themselves. Find something (a legal image that you own) that directly reflects who you are as a seller. That will have greater benefit to your business. :slight_smile:


Yes, and some jobs are more personal than others. I think as a writer, I also benefit from having a picture of myself.


I agree with you