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Personal picture vs logo image

what do you prefer for your fiverr profile?

For me, since we are a team, a logo is more convenient

my new logo is attached, made it myself with photoshop, not something big :smiley:

I think your face will help people feel like you are a real person. People prefer to work with people they like and connect with. I think you should make your profile very personal, but professional. Bring on the baby pictures and exploit your kids or in @david388 's case, his dog picture rocks!

Reply to @landongrace: hahaha you’re right, personal pics do make you feel more comfortable with the seller you’re dealing with, and yes that’s one hell of a picture @david388 :smiley: :smiley:

Reply to @landongrace: thanks Landon and @onlinedzshop! I’ve never been sure if it’s too “unprofessional” or not so that’s good to hear =)