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Personal Terms of Service

When I was making my gig I had the thought that if I write something that gets published to the public, I want some kind of acknowledgement, so I had the idea to write a terms of service. Then as I started looking into it and actually writing out the terms of service, I found there was a lot there that needed to be said to protect myself and protect the client. What are people’s thoughts on having a terms of service posted on your website and shared with all your clients?

My ToS contains details on what I do and do not offer in each package, what is expected of the client, what the client can expect from me, a delivery policy, a 3 day email policy (the same policy used by Fiverr), and a refund policy.

Technically you are still bound by Fiverr’s ToS so you wouldn’t be able to enforce any personal policy that is not in line with what Fiverr’s ToS states.

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oh absolutely, I know that. But there are things that aren’t covered, that can’t be covered, by Fiverr. For example, if someone hires me to do a job but then change the scope of the job to something I don’t do, I’m not held liable.

EDIT: Additionally, Fiverr is only one place I work. I’m not limiting myself to this one website. So I feel that a personal ToS would help to cover me across all platforms.

Fiverr will still hold you liable if you cancel, by hitting you with a cancellation penalty. In this case, creating your own terms of service is pretty pointless. You also aren’t going to get anyone reading your own TOS before ordering from you. Having to do so will likely just deter people from doing so.

You also have the fact that Fiverr might construe you sending people links to your own TOS as off-Fiverr communication. All in all, you might, therefore, want to abandon this idea.

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Put any conditions in the gig itself instead of a website that you link to, in case there’s a problem with linking to that website re: Fiverr’s TOS.

Also, the TOS does include:

Statements on the Gig Page that undermine or circumvent these Terms of Service is prohibited…

But it does also include:

When purchasing a Gig, Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the Seller on their Gig page..

So if you wanted to put in restrictions to their rights (eg. that they must put in an acknowledgement to you), it would need to be on the gig page I think.

edit: You could also contact CS if you wanted to be sure any conditions are okay with Fiverr and how/where you’ve put them is too (but I assume they want them just in the gig description/gig).

edit: Also if there’s any contact details on your website, linking to it could get you in trouble re: offsite contact info. It’s much safer not to link to your website I think. Also any URLs in the gig description have to be on Fiverr’s approved list of URLs.

okay that makes sense. That’s basically the reason I wanted the ToS in the first place. It also gives detailed info on how I priced my gig and what is and is not included in the different packages (with more detail than Fiverr provides).

I do find it odd that Fiverr tells us to have a website linked to our profiles but we’re not allowed to send them to our websites for something like a ToS.

I was going to ask what Fiverr’s return policy is but then I looked it up and saw it was total garbo. go figure. Not sure how long I’ll be staying with Fiverr. I really should have read the ToS before hand (I used to be one of those people who never read the Tos because I didn’t need to, but these sites are getting ridiculous)