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Personalized 1000 Word Fiction AND Personalized YouTube Channel Art

Hi everyone!

I am selling two awesome services on Fiverr that I think you guys would like, and they each start at only $5!!!

Service 1: Personalized 1000 Word Fiction
I will write a personalized 1000 word fiction, and even more than that, it will not have my name on it, it will not have a title, and it will not be under any copyright, so it is 100% YOURS! You can choose between it being a full short story, or making it the introduction of a story for YOU to continue writing.

Here is the link to the service.

Service 2: Personalized YouTube Channel Art

Any up and coming YouTubers out there? If you have a YouTube channel and don’t have channel art (or want new channel art), then look no further! I am making channel art for as little as $5!

Here is the link to the service.

I really, really appreciate you guys taking the time to check this out. Even if I only get ONE order from this, that really, really helps, because I could use some reviews :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down below, and I would be thrilled to answer them.

Thanks guys!


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