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Pesky buyer = zero communication, only half the funds delivered and cancels without notification

EDIT: unaware it was forbidden to call out other users SORRY, i dont know how to remove the screenshots!!

I got the rudest shock of my life a few days ago when I checked my fiverr account and the order I was working on for a buyer cancels my order out of the blue under the guise it was late. So not only has my solid 100% rating gone down to 67%, I also have done a fair amount of work for this buyer which is not going to be accounted for financially. I would like to tell my side of the story and I have screenshots to prove my case. I would also like fiverr admin to remove the negative reviews the buyer claims to have not written themselves but was generated by fiverr automatically (the lack of punctuation arouses my suspicions though)

  1. This buyer contacted me almost 3 weeks ago with an essay that they clearly stated was due on the 12th of MAY 2015, not once but twice. I read the criteria weighed up the work input = $55 was my quote (i later reduced it to $50). No problems they said, and proceeded to put in 2x$10 orders but what got me thinking was the fact that the gigs delivery date wasn’t dated the 12th of May, it was dated the 11th March… 5 days ago… again I ask if this gig is ok to deliver by the 12th of May… yes it is due the 12th of May yes you can deliver then and I’ll pay you the rest of the money that Sunday they say. Cool, cool… I begin to draft out a plan and get the project underway.
  2. A few days go by without any contact. I message the buyer again gently asking when they are going to put in the extra $30, my original quote was $55 afterall and they agreed to send me the rest of the cash 3-4 days prior. No reply.
  3. The 10th of March I message again urging the buyer to contact me as the delivery date needed to be extended as I was getting notifications from fiverr saying this order needed to be delivered the next day even though that was not the agreed due date. No reply.
  4. 14th of March, the buyer cancels both the orders out of the blue, no warning no nothing. 100% rating goes down to 67%, both orders are reviewed “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!”
  5. I message the buyer reinstating that: that this gig was in fact not late at all (12th of MAY PEOPLE), they failed to contact me for almost 2 weeks despite my persistent messages, and never gave me the rest of the cash despite promises to, and that I would be contacting fiverr admin with my side of the story if those negative reviews are not taken down. They immediately message back (surprise surprise)saying that they didn’t write the reviews but they were automatically “generated” by fiverr and thanks for asking if they actually wrote them. They didn’t even attempt to explain their elusive behaviour amongst other things, they seemed more upset with my accusations. I explain to them that they are in the wrong and I have all the evidence I need, ok sorry they say… how do I get rid of the reviews?


    I’m beyond livid that this incident has falsely plummeted my outstanding 100% rating down to 67% when I did everything right! If a fiverr admin happens to read this, please remove those negative reviews so my reputation as a decent seller can be restored. This is beyond unfair.

    Sheriff’s note: screenshots removed

First of all, you dug your own grave by letting the order run out of the deadline.

Don’t let this happen ever.

Second. Who will order a job to get it done after 2 months?

Maybe he was just implying that his deadline was on May but this doesn’t mean that he wanted it delivered in May. Even fiverr’s max duration is 30 days for an order if I remember correctly.

If buyer had not ordered the extras, you should have cancelled the order before the deadline.

For removing the negative reviews, you can contact the support. It’s true that buyer didn’t manually type that text and it is automatically done if you fail to deliver on time and it is cancelled by buyer.

If the buyer is agreeing to remove it then you can contact the support to get them removed.

@mammacsessays: The next time you get a request for work beyond your basic gig and/or extras, use the “Send a custom offer” button. That way you can set the amount and the deadline; and the buyer has to pay for the entire gig up-front.

At the very least, literally break the work into pieces that have to each be paid for before you do the next piece, if you want to be nice and allow ‘installment’ orders. I know that’s not necessarily convenient for writing gigs, but it can help keep you from getting stung for more than $5 or $10 at a time.

@kay2809 Okay, I admit that I should have cleared that delivery date doozy up first, I am fairly new to fiverr and at the time I was quite uninformed of how the whole system works, I assumed the buyer could change the delivery date. I admit that I was in the wrong there, and obviously I know for future orders.

@itsyourthing thankyou for the advice, I will definitely take that on board for future orders. thankyou!

Reply to @mammacsessays: You’re welcome.