Pessimistic seller


hi, everyone!

there’s something I need to ask on this forum, right now I’m feeling

unconvinced with a buyer, he gave me a very fantastic price for a job,

and this work is in progress.


I was pessimistic in my mind, I was pessimistic about this job for fear

of a fraud by the buyer, but I kept trying not to judge this buyer for

granted, he asked me to do the job for a drawing with 17 items and give

the price worth $ 800, at first I was very interested in this.

but I always ask myself, I’m afraid this buyer just wants a free job,
with an alibi a huge price for me. sorry if thinking about this! I hope
that to my concern this is not the case, and hope he is a good and truly
amazing buyer. have

you ever experienced anything like this? can tell me what should i do

to make sure this is a real job and price without cheating? thanks


I’m not sure I understand your problem – or concerns.

If you have concerns with your buyer – especially one that wants you to work on an $800 project! – talk to that buyer. Bring up your concerns in a polite and non-accusing way. Most issues can be resolved with good communication. Then, go with your gut feeling. If you don’t trust the buyer, don’t work for them. If you do trust the buyer, be glad that he wants to hire YOU for this high-priced project!


How long is it taking you to do this job?

I don’t know why he offered you $800 when your top price is $25. Did you give him a custom quote?

Besides, cheaters will cheat whether they pay $5 or $800. I don’t think a serious buyer is going to risk $800 on a seller unless he really likes your work.

If he has never hired you before, why not have him order your cheapest package so he can see if he likes your style? Then he can hire you again and you can add color.

If a job is too big, too complicated, you do have the freedom to refuse it before he orders. After he orders, it’s problematic because refunds hurt our completion rates.


Ask the buyer to break it down into smaller orders for you as you want to ensure they are happy with the work.
This has the added benefit of them not being able to reject the who 17 because they are unhappy with one drawing.
I would say divide it into 3-4 orders.


I agree. Why would he offer you $800?

I don’t think he is really going to pay that much. He probably wants free samples or free work.


hi, thanks! fortunately, until now I have not accused the buyer with my word on a personal message, this is only in my mind that is finesse.
until this moment the buyer is still friendly and friendly, so also
with me who is still doing the job well, I have attached the job to the
buyer with the watermark and low quality, and the buyer feel like my
work, this is the first point to restore my optimism about this, until now I still communicate well, thanks


yes my hunch
like that? do i have to do? or i need to cancel this? i am afraid at the
end of the job and everything is done, buyer cancel the order


I think if the
buyer has a fraudulent intention, whether it is low or high, he will
still take my free work, even though I have put watermark on each
sample, the buyer will remove it by itself, thanks for your response


I’m confused. Are you already working on an order that has been placed for $800? Or are you providing free work to a buyer who has promised to maybe place an order for $800?


But if you do what I suggested then they cannot.


delivery time is 7 days, but in this job for one picture include all the packing on my gigs, and my highest price is 30 $


So 17 pictures becomes $800? Quite amazing. What would be a fair wage for this job?

Sometimes I like saving my clients money. It’s not always about making the max, sometimes you want a recurring customer. That might make more more than $800 over time.


Did he place the order yet?


yes he already memesanya, he looks hurried hurry, so tell me to make a custom order


yeah! amazing and confusing


I cannot imagine why he is overpaying so much! Something is wrong.


he told me to take a job if someone was ready, he would show it to the client from the buyer


Good luck! Let us know if he accepts your work.



That still doesn’t explain why he offered to pay more than double your rate. But good luck and let us know what happened.