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Pet peeve rant

So I got to rant, Besides being a fiverr seller. I’m also a buyer and one thing that drives me crazy is that when people ask you for your budget when you give a request a specific job. If I say I need this and this and this done and I ask for a price one thing I hate is well how much you’ve got. Its like if my car breaks down and I go to the shop and say my breaks needs fixing or my engine is broke or i need an oil change and the guy asks me well how much you want to spend on fixing it? Its like what kinda question is that… I want it done for a $1… Like you don’t want a stupid answer don’t ask a stupid question!

Just so annoying. I understand if I ask something that has a variety of variables so you ask well if you provide me a budget I can see what can be done within the frame because of the variables involved but when you provide a specific job with a specific requirements you get a specific price based on work vs time. I understand what is required and I know it will take this much time so the price is X amount. Instead of well I know the time vs work, but how much ya got? Lets peek into your wallet and count your money together. ughh…

People who do that are not professional and it is a good tipoff not to work with them. If you say your budget is $50 they say “what a coincidence, that’s exactly how much I charge!”

Also buyers who, when I tell them how much it costs for what they want, say “I only have $5” expecting me to give them $50 worth of work for $5.

That’s exactly it… if you say to low then they’ll be like well that’s not how much I charge… But if you say $50 or $100 yeah okay I’ll do it for that price… Its like the worst type of upsell… I understand if its a variable type of work. If its specific and there is Work Vs Time analysis then it shouldn’t be how much am I willing to pay, its borderline scheming.

Give people a couple of options when you quote that way they can see you are not trying to con them.

I personally never send quotes to buyers who say things like " I want the best price possible "

It works both ways everyone.