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Pet Peeves---Got Any?

I thought that I would start a little thread about pet peeves. Everyone on this forum—buyers and sellers alike—seem to have some. Just to keep it manageable, I would like to keep it to 3. So… What irks you to no end? Or,at least to a bottle of beer?

I’ll start. My pet peeves can really be wrapped up under the word ‘unkind’ but, to break it down for you…

My 3 biggest pet peeves on Fiverr are:

  1. Bullies
  2. Snobs
  3. Rude People

    And you?

    Sheriff’s Note: Moved to CHIT CHAT.

Reply to @kissreviews:

Pizzelle? You must be Italian. I adore pizza and any variations thereof… I actually thought you were a writer. I am always looking for someone to put a fresh spin on my new product descriptions and what not.

My biggest pet peeve in general are ill-mannered people.

  1. The Screamers
  2. The 7 a.m. Lawnmower Man
  3. The Interrupters


    P.S. And people who don’t read directions (ahem, me). I guess my pet peeves aren’t Fiverr-related!

Reply to @kissreviews:

Ohhhh lawdee… Am I ‘ever’ in the category of the people who don’t read directions. It get’s me into trouble a lot. :O)

I had to go back in and edit after I saw the rest of your sentence …on Fiverr. Haha! I’m my worst enemy.

Reply to @kissreviews:

I actually find you to be rather sweet. Makes me wanna buy whateva it is you’re selling. :wink:

Reply to @pearlsant: Well, dang. That was awful nice of you to say. If you’re a writer, I’m your gal! Or I could send you a pizzelle. That’s all I’ve got. :wink:

It’s my kind friend, @pearlsant! And you’ve summed up my Fiverr pet peeves perfectly.

Bullies: bottom of the food chain, IMHO L-)

Snobs: will drown when it rains because their noses are so far up in the air L-)

Rude People: when they die, their hell is to continually find themselves at the back of the line, no matter how many times they cut in~! L-)

Reply to @celticmoon:

Ahhh…my friend 'celticswoon’

How are you and you are so right about their being in the back of the line; hopefully they will be waiting for something that gives them diarrhea!


Aaaaa! You’re cracking me up!

“And after that they’re always at the back of the line to the bathroom!”

Reply to @celticmoon: Let’s hope their stall has no toilet paper… >:)

Reply to @pearlsant: I am Italian. And I tinker with words. I love your gigs!! I’m all over the zombie playing cards. Wowza.

Reply to @kissreviews:

I noticed the tinkering in Dumb Charades. Very impressive word play… I’ve since learned that a pizzelle is some sort of cookie. Is that correct?

I will be shopping for all sorts of interesting decks in June. If there is any other genre—zombie duly noted—that piques your interest, let me know and I will get around to showcasing them in a gig. :wink:

Reply to @pearlsant: It’s only the most awesome cookie in the (my) world! Though, I make cheaters. Until my Zia hands over the family iron, mine are baked in an electric contraption. Still, they’re delicious. Haha, I must be hungry going on and on about cookies.

I’ll think on the cards! And I’m going to pick up a pack of the zombies while they last. Maybe it’ll tie me over until the Walking Dead starts back up. Sigh.

snobs, unfriendly people

Reply to @kissreviews: You, are a rock star! :stuck_out_tongue: I used to watch WD but lost track of it after season 1…definitely don’t know what happened at the prison, etcetera. I am going to have to subscribe to Netflix to catch up! I have also been watching Bates Motel on Hulu…the free trial ended so now I have to do NF to catch up there too.

If you ever have a “I will send you some pizzelles” gig, I am all over it! :wink:

Reply to @misscrystal:

I couldn’t agree more. Treat others as you would want to be treated…provided that they are not being an a** to others.

Reply to @blackfolder1: You should give him something that looks like you went to bed and checked back later too! :))

Reply to @kjblynx:

IKR? It really irks me when people post discussions seeking advice and when others take the time to answer the person’s questions the OP does not respond to thank them. Totally rude. :-q

Inversely, thanks,kjblynx, for all of your wonderful advice on the forum. You always know what you are talking about and you offer really valuable information. Why aren’t you a Sheriff yet??

Also, you can post about anything that irks you with this discussion and if you want to put in the effort to post more, you rock! :slight_smile:

The seller that today, right in the middle of me ordering his 24 hour express gig… told me he was going to bed and he’d talk to me later.