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Pet Peeves?


I was wondering…

  1. What gets your boilers whistling when it comes to doing a project? Give an example.
  2. How did you manage the situation?

Thanks… let’s learn from each other’s stories :slight_smile:

You start!

My biggest pet peeve is idiots. People that don’t specify any kind of project brief, people who order my ebook formatting gig thinking that I will now drop everything and write them a novel…

In fact, sometimes I get people like a customer who recently asked me to turn their pet project childs colouring book into an ebook and I just sit back and think, “really?”

As long as I don’t actually have to watch, though, as they try to use a knife and fork to eat their cheerios, I’m quite happy to cash in on people’s base stupidity. It really is a pain though, when you have to cancel orders because of it.

  • Clients who change their mind on what they want right after I’ve delivered a project that was done based on their original expectations… If it’s manageable in about 5 minutes, I just go ahead and make it… but if it means remaking the whole thing, I tell them they need to make another order as that is different from the original agreement.
  • CLIENTS WHO DO NOT READ THE GIG DESCRIPTION before ordering. I just… Oh God. What’s worse is that I repeat the same instructions in the order page yet they still fail to read it and they just go ahead and make the order. :confused: How I managed it? I have this “Quick Response” message that I use when the client does that… if I don’t hear from the back in 24 hours, I request a cancellation… What pisses me further are those who don’t make it a mutual cancellation, gahhhh. If only these kind of people on Fiverr would just READ… I swear Fiverr will be a better place.