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Pet Vector Portraits For Only Five Dollars! :D

Hello everyone! I’m trying my best to improve my art skills and I really like vector portraits of pets! Any pet! I patiently await the day that I receive my first order, so I thought I’d post about it while I wait. If you have any tips for me, please let me know! Here’s the link!


Hey there! You have very nice gigs. You could try showing more samples - your pet vector portrait gig only shows 2 sample portraits, but you can upload 3 gig images, and I think up to 3 PDFs too which you could use for additional images.

You could even use one or more image slots to upload an image that shows 2 rows of 3 samples, or 3x4 or something, to show potential buyers more of your art, perhaps different kinds of pets too, not just dogs, so they can see you can do those as well.
The more samples people can see, the more likely they are to “dare it” and buy, I think.

From the gig description that´s visible in the snippet in your post, I´d cut out the “but… !” bit.
Make your gig description a bit longer, use keywords for anything people who´d look for a gig like that might search (e.g list more pets; what would people search for who might like a portrait like that but don´t know the term ‘vector portrait’?), and make use of line breaks, bolding etc. to make it easier readable than a block of text.

You have only a few seconds if that to capture your audience and make them read instead of clicking away, people are lazy by nature :wink: make it as easy for them to read your gig description as possible while still giving them all the information they might wonder about and fitting in potential search terms.

What you could also try to get your gig off the ground for your first reviews - a limited time offer, “order one vector portrait of your pet, and you get one of the pet of a friend for free - only for the first 3 people who order” or something like that.
You could put that in the gig description itself, or only post the offer here in “My Fiverr Gigs” (keep in mind that whenever you edit a gig, it will be gone from search for a while until the Fiverr team checked it).