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Some ideas here:

Paypal is not available in all countries, so we can’t withdraw our earnings. Would be great if you add skrill as third payment processor.

*Please sign this petition to support non-paypal countries.

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Agree with Darkokic

Yes absolutely, Skrill is necessary too!

i love if fiverr also using skrill, i don’t have paypal

We need NETELLER or Skrill !!!

Why? Is there something wrong with paypal?

Looks like skrill got removed from payment options to pay with as a buyer

this is really frustrating


you are right…

I prefer Skrill too. I think we need to sign online petition about this matter. Sometime it will helps. (eg. online petition site)

I don’t even know Skrill never heard of it :">

Agree with Darkokic! I prefer Skrill too.

I also think that have a skrill here is a good idea :slight_smile:

Agree with Darkokic

well option is good :slight_smile:

Agree Fiverr Must Add Skrill As New Payment Method For Withdraw.

Agreed. Add Skrill please.

Yes please. I would just LOVE it if I could pay through Skrill. Thanks.

Reply to @madmoo:
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