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Petition for a rollback feature or "classic view" feature...please read!

I would really like to get a thread going to start petitioning fiverr to create a rollback feature or “classic view” of some sort due to all the changes that are constantly being done without notice or cause. We are not happy with the new dashboard look and navigation of the site as many of you are and we feel fiverr does not ever take into consideration the opinions of the sellers, especially TRS’s, and buyers too. So I propose that they create a roll back feature or “classic view” feature that would enable us to CHOOSE which view or navigation structure we like. Yahoo, eBay, and many other sites have done this and it works perfectly! If you agree and would like to see a roll back or “classic view” feature please comment below and LIKE the main post.

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I agree. What happened? Now I have to go to analytics to see the sales and delivery chats. I wish they would poll us before making changes. How hard is it to create a survey anyway?