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Petition for sellers please read cancelled gigs should not affect us


Ok so I’m asking every fiverr seller to respond here, it should not be right that cancelled gigs go against us and affect our levels.

Ok if someone is cancelling gigs every day then yes then it should but not if it’s mutual agreement it should not go against us. My level has been removed twice because of sellers not reading the gig and not ordering the correct amount. It’s not fair, we work hard and without us this site would be nothing.

So I have put this together so that the fiverr team can see how many sellers are not happy with this. If you agree type below

Mutual cancellations should not affect us.

If you don’t

Type I don’t care

Hopefully fiverr will take note and change its ways


I agree, mutual cancellations should not go against us. I might be wrong, but, I’m thinking they’d affect our levels if the percentage of cancellations are high compared to how many completed orders we have. Plus, the amount of good feedback we’ve received. Perhaps, other factors as well. I’ve had cancellations (most mutual) & my level has stayed the same. Have you contacted support & expressed your concerns?


I just got three orders and right after the buyer got the work, he requested mutual cancellations with veiled threats about leaving negative feedback if I do not do it. I do not plan to agree, since I provided the work he asked for. But if I’m forced to and/or it affects my rating, I absolutely will stop using Fiverr.


Reply to @kathybatesel: If the buyer is clearly manipulating the sale in order to get a refund by threatening negative feedback, then speak to the good people over in customer support I am sure they would b happy to look into this for you.


To be honest I’m not sure that mutual cancellations actually do affect your gig. (Not 100% sure, but 90% sure).

They never have for me. Ever.

I get people cancelling all the time, and have to cancel myself because people don’t read the gig description, (That I can only do 1 order per page) and they continue to order. So, I cancel, or they see they’ve missed it and they cancel.

And, I’ve never lost my levels and it’s never had any effect on my gig.

I don’t think it’s just me. I know that “Forcing” a cancellation affects your gig. But I’m just not sure about mutual cancels.

Oh, I have somewhere in the area of 500 cancels.


it does affect you see this from support

Thanks for the inquiry. As you may know our levels feature is based on an automated system that monitors user’s accounts for eligibility of gaining and maintaining levels. It appears due to a high cancellation rate your account was not eligible to main a leveled status. As you continue to successfully complete orders hopefully you may regain this leveled status again in the near future.



so what your saying above then it not automated and fiverr just picks on people and makes up excuses


also show on the forum that i am level one and does not show that im any levels at all in my fiverr account.

my levels got downgraded when i listed my gigs again after being away on vacation


I agree that mutual cancellations should not go against us I just requested of a buyer of mine that we should cancel the order due to the fact he did not understand or read my gigs properly



I’m not saying anything for sure. But you need to make the distinction. Are you talking about forced cancellations or mutual cancellations? With mutual cancellations (When initiated by the buyer especially) the order is removed like it was never there. When you force a cancellation that’s another story altogether because it was done by you, and not by the buyer or agreed on by the buyer.

All I’m saying for sure is that I have almost 500 Cancellations. And I’ve never lost anything or been penalized by it.

But if you did loose your levels and it had nothing to do with you maybe a polite message to Customer Support would help.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: i contacted support all my cancelled gigs are mutual and above is what they said how many orders have you done in total


I agree, cancelled gigs should not affect our rating or level.

So many times a buyer will order a gig without even asking first if the seller can do it for them. They just demand it done. I have had to cancel many orders in the past because the buyer was asking me to do something that was against my morals or I didn’t even offer that service etc.


@ultraweb - Lots. That may be the case. Maybe my ratio, even with all the cancelled gigs is below and has kept me safe.

Have you explained to support the problem, and that it wasn’t your fault, rather the buyer mis-reading? They can check the messages back and forth between you and the buyer.


@oldbittygrandma- Ha HA! I knew I had read that somewhere. So I’m not going completely insane… yet…


I just lost LEVEL 1 I am at 100% rating with 33 orders and about 5 mutual cancels due to misunderstanding or improper order. I have a ticket in to support grrrr I could understand if I had negative reviews but I don’t we will see…


Mutual cancellations should not affect us.


Okay here’s one for you. I got an order today for a gig that specifically says in the first line, please do not order this gig without ordering gig number xyz (It’s a two part process following the production of the report and not everyone wants the implementation as they maybe able to do it themselves depending on their skill set) and the gig states the service is ONLY for wordpress, so the guy orders something for a normal (non-wordpress) website (5-6 times the work needed if I had the tools to do it) and without ordering the other gig, which is pretty much essential. So I’m going to have to request a cancellation but why should this go against me? It’s not my fault at all. I even stated don’t order gig B without first ordering gig A in the first sentence. It’s not hidden away in the bottom of the gig. Also it’s on a 2 day timescale but the gig’s counting down to less than 24 hours since it was first placed this morning.

I have had some gigs that were getting upto 4 orders a day but now they get maybe one a week, so I’m actually worried to complain for fear of a further drop in rankings. I used to get a customer service response in 30mins to an hour, now it’s taking upto a day. Clearly one is out of favor.


I am in the same boat as I just commented on another thread. Heck, I had one customer order a gig and as I was getting the details, I received a note saying … gimme my money back :frowning: I asked why he was requesting and if he ordered the wrong gig and he replied yes, just gimme my money back.

I was working on getting the level back, but the current system makes it difficult.


Reply to @gyoveg: I feel you. I had my levels stripped within minutes of each other for no seemingly logical reason. I had about 5 mutual cancellations when I was a Level 1 and none at Level 2 with a 100% gig rating and scores of rave reviews. With 6 orders in queue, I got the level stripping email. Even though my level was restored, I am now terrified of Customer Support. I sent them a message for assistance on a buyer who did not read my gig properly, activated the gig with a message and now wants a refund since I can’t do what he wants and they won’t answer me. It’s been 3 days. I think I have been ‘black listed’. I am really scared of Customer Support. The clock is running down on this non-order and I don’t know what to do. I think there should be a department called Seller Support to help sellers.


lol… count me in.