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Petition for sellers please read cancelled gigs should not affect us


I agree. Fiverr auto-accepts all the gigs this is also a big problem. We should be able to read the order and if it fits our gig then accept it. I find it funny that we have to “mutually cancel” a gig that we never “mutually accepted” in the first place.

I had to have customer service cancel two gigs sent in my by one guy where his website was obviously a huge scam and there were even articles on line about the scam and police involvement - I did not want to take part in that and Fiverr did cancel them but said it would count against me. I also had two mutual cancel too one where the buyer didn’t order what was being offered and one where they never gave me any instructions at all. I haven’t gotten to the point of having levels yet but have been told by fiverr that all these cancellations will count against me - not a single one of the four was my “fault” in any way it is a bit frustrating.


makes for some good controversial article material at least… I’ll be sure it gets out there where I can.

Aside from that, I do agree. Too easy to scam a merchant out with just a little effort.

Another problem 5er has is its “collections”. So very manipulative…

If you’re going to be a major player then you need to play towards the people that support you else someone will come along and take it all away…


I am new to fiverr and I find this to be very frustrating. The mutual cancellations do not affect the rating, but I hate the forced cancellation policy and how badly it affects things. I also have a disclaimer to read prior to ordering, I had someone who didn’t, request a mutual cancellation, and we agreed on something else. They never got back to me in time with new instructions and the date passed they cancelled the order saying I did not deliver in time. Thats not fair. I also just had to force my first cancellation which brought me down from a 92% to an 85%. That is insane! It is not my fault buyers can’t read or don’t get back to me in time.

I am no longer concerned with trying to level up. It’s not a fair system there is no protection for the seller. We should be able to preview the gig first before accepting. I am just going to build off of my current customer base and go from there.


I support this! ‘Mutual cancellations should not affect us.’ :smiley:


Reply to @gyoveg: this is exaclty the reason for which I have many cancelled orders and why I opened this post: I hope to become a TRS, but probably 30 cancelled orders (only one asked by me) are too many…


As you know whenever you request a mutual cancellation it only offers you a comment box.

I think the mutual cancellation process needs to be revised by offering a “buyer has changed their mind or ordered by mistake” option, and any cancellation requests with that option selected should NOT be counted against sellers.


Reply to @greyhound12: it would be a really cool feature!! :slight_smile:


Mutual cancellations should not affect us.

It is so frustrating! The Fiverr website glitches a lot too, so I’ve had people messaging me to apologize and say they don’t even know why the gig was placed with me when they were on someone else’s page and wanted their gig! So far my levels have been fine, but I’ve noticed Sellers can have a very hard time here on Fiverr where there is very little to protect us when a buyer purchases something we do not offer.

On the other hand though, I’ve had to contact Customer Support several times regarding big glitches (none of my gigs showing up as active, not being able to withdraw my funds, etc) and they’ve helped me in every case and I’m very pleased with them.


I definitely agree. Fiverr favors buyers all the time, never protecting the sellers. One buyer just stole from me (Read here: ) by cancelling the order AFTER I’ve delivered exactly what he wanted and he even left a positive rating for the work I’ve done. It’s a shame!


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SO we’ve been lulled into believing that mutual cancellation have no negative effect on us right?

Check out what happened today when a buyer requested a mutual cancellation and I didn’t give it much thought and accepted.

This is the NEW fiverr 2.0 interface.

This is UNACCEPTABLE fiverr!!!

I will tweet your ad or message and link to my 29,000+ real Twitter followers in 24hrs for $5



You have my signature on this petition as well.

The day after I lost my level 2 status for a %15 cancellation ratio on 335 sales, I had to mutually cancel the very next order because the pr they wanted me to publish was full of libelous and derogatory remarks against other individuals. One a billionaire!

If buyers cannot follow some simple gig guidelines, then I should have the right to knock back their work without the negative effect on an already proven and popular gig.


I got told the other day that you should stay below 20% cancellation (I have always been a little concerned as I sat around 6%). I agree though, mutual cancellations shouldn’t really affect us.

vedmak said: Simple BLOCK button (NOT report spam, as its not same thing, and no spam reporting should be automated with consequences as severe as messaging disabled), preview for gig posting (so you can see what it will look like)

You have my sign on this !!!

ryangillam said: I got told the other day that you should stay below 20% cancellation

Right now I can see TRS having some featured gig with 25% cancellation... I think it does not exist a real limit, but it depends on how Customer Support reviewed each cancellation...


Yes, you are right there should be some flexibility for sellers too. If a order is canceled there can be many reason rather from seller or buyer side, but the only person that is affected is the seller. Im not saying making some rating system for clients but this should not affect sellers i mean does it really matters for the client if his personal rating or the sellers gig positions or badges are affected? The only thing he need is order completion. There are some clients who care about the sellers but the percentage is just 1% to 5% but 95% of the time clients don’t care.