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Petition for the restoration of the gigs search system

We must be heard! Plz everyone. Do not pass by. Each of you may be in this situation. New search system inadequate.

Hello. I am a level 2 seller, more than 2 years of work for Fiverr, more than 2000 completed orders, all indicators are on a green level. Recently, I discovered that all my gigs just fell into the last positions in the search.

At the same time there was a positive dynamic, good reviews, I am one of the best sellers in my niche.

What Fiverr does, they just kill me. I understand if my gigs lose their positions organically. But how to explain that I am now behind all gigs.

Today, on March 20, I woke up and I was very upset, my blood pressure increased. They kill me.

The new search system does not reflect the real situation. It is inadequate.

For 2 years they only harm the environment. This may lead many sellers to leave.

I want to say that we need to be united.

This is real trouble! In the Fiverr team, they don’t understand?.

They must understand that we are not a flock of sheep.

I officially declare that the new algorithm does not reflect the real situation.

Support this petition!


It’s a shame! They can’t even answer.! Send me the answer that doesn’t concern mine.


looks like that guy answer to wrong ticket :laughing:

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Maybe the answer was given because of the category selected for the ticket?
Though they don’t have enough categories or an “other” category so it may not have been in the best one.


Human error. Shouldn’t but can happen, we’re all human - hey, it actually disproves the “CS are just bots” claim! I’d rather laugh about it and reply back for an answer on topic (and hope karma will remember my reaction in case I mess up and send a reply to the wrong customer and make them laugh too. :slight_smile: )

Well, more on topic, it’s certainly annoying for anyone (especially successful sellers with good stats and all) whose gigs get shuffled to the last pages anytime Fiverr experiments with their algorithms or wants to give new or not so well-selling gigs more exposure but if you trawl the forum, you will see that it’s not the first time this happened (nor will it be the last time, as a company, they are and should be constantly trying stuff which hopefully makes things better in the end or else gets reverted).

I’m not saying you shouldn’t petition or anything - of course do if you think it’s the right thing and makes sense! - just that you should try to do something so things like this won’t “affect your blood pressure or kill you”, your health and life are much too important to make them dependent on Fiverr’s search system. From the famous “diversify, don’t solely rely on Fiverr as your income” to yoga or meditation or walks in the park to get your blood pressure down and a different perspective.
Please take care of your health first of all, it’s really the most important thing you have.

And I’m pretty sure they’ll reply and apologize and give you a more on-topic reply soon, I know it happened to me before. :wink:


You are probably a strong man, unlike me. I almost started 5 times from scratch when my services were either heated or removed because of Tos. And several times by mistake I received strikes. In half of the cases I had to defend my rights with great effort. We are only sheep for them. They treat us that way.

But my nerves are on edge.


I support you sir they have also put my gig on the last position


Algorithm? The algorithm that throws the best gig on the last places?

I know that thousands of people got lost with this problem. I ask each of you that we have to ensure that they check this all for errors.


Last time I checked, I was a woman :wink: . I don’t feel treated like a sheep so far either, but I’m sorry to hear you do and that your nerves are on edge. Mine are too, actually, but because of health issues of close family, not because of Fiverr, which is why I really would remind anyone that health is the most important thing, if you let your nerves and health be affected too much, you can’t help either yourself or others.
But good luck with search becoming “normal” again soon and take care.


Same automated replies I mean I have good reviews I am active never got on vacation then why! People on the first page have like 5-6 reviews this doesn’t make any sense to me

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It’s a bit dramatic, honestly.

Fiverr changes its algorithm every once and a while. There is no logic to it (at least, no one on here managed to decipher it yet although there are a bunch of theories about how it works on the forum). The last major shakeup was last September/October (at least the one that affected me and the one that I’ve noticed).

Just give it a few weeks and don’t panic, it tends to eventually even itself out.


it’s been 2 months now how longer should we wait i mean yup you can not do anything we are just sheeps it was my huge mistake to leave my job and think about making fiverr full time i regret that decision now.


I also work full time. And I attract customers to pay for large orders through Fiverr. This is a real disrespect on their part. We must fight.

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The massive September/October drop was around 2 months as well, I think. Maybe close to 3. The thing is, when the sales get better people stop noticing it so no one will be able to tell you when the drought ends specifically.

You can focus on your projects elsewhere, it doesn’t have to be your only source of income. Because it’d be putting too much faith in an unstable algorithm.

Also, it’s not necessarily the gig position that you can see that affects you. I sometimes find myself on page 22 for no reason and my sales are fine. And then I’m on page 1 and it feels like a joke because the sales are dead.

To clarify, my sales are in the toilet for 2 weeks now. :slight_smile: So I’m not preaching from a high horse here. But it happened at least twice in my recent memory. People ranted, raved and complained then suddenly stopped when the slow period was over. It comes in waves.


They even censored here.

Maybe this is new to you, but some sellers here have been struggling from this matter since 21th january, So just be patient til it clears up and maybe work more on your performance…have you made any late deliveries lately ?! seems that’s the most common reason for that to happen.


I understand that this happened 2 months ago. The problem is that People sit for 2 months and nothing changes.

If there is a drought for 2-3 months, this is critical for the majority of the family.

I have been fighting for two years! Trying to become the best seller and what is the result?

Fiverr PRO - failure
Reviews - failure
Algortim - failure

Remember -VoiceOverPete
It is generally a shame.

Their support service is …


Seems like only you are here who understand my feeling i can so much relate to you I have to pay the rent, my little brother schools fees and no one here cares everyone is like just be patient…


It’s just another “fiverr is unfair” post. Honestly, it’s the same post every time. Just search the forum. Same thing, different dates, different people (me included, on occasion). “I have 10 children to feed and I’m a good professional so where are my sales” and so on.

I’ve noticed a drop in my sales and came to see how many complaints are there to figure out if it’s another widespread issue like it was 6 months ago. So far, it doesn’t seem this way but we’ll see how many comments this post gets.

Please do watch your blood pressure and take good care of yourself. It’s no joke.