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Petition for the restoration of the gigs search system


Sadly, I can’t buy on Fiverr anymore. The fee annoys me and I definitely don’t want ratings for me as a buyer appearing on my profile. That could make it look like I outsource my work to other sellers. :frowning:

Not true. I’ve changed considerably during my time as a freelancer. Though, my sarcasm for all things does remain largely consistent. :wink:


Regarding this, nothing can be done :roll_eyes:

But for this one :arrow_down:

As you should know, if you don’t review your seller, your seller won’t be able to review you. Don’t see where’s the problem…

No comment :wink:


But that means that if I have a bad experience, I can’t say so. :frowning: Plus I know how much ratings mean to sellers. I’ll feel bad not reviewing good work with a good review.

Anyway, it’s all old hat. Paying a service fee out of my already cleared earnings was the nail in the coffin for me. It feels like theft, but there is no point arguing about things which can’t change.