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Petition for the restoration of the gigs search system

Perhaps Fiverr is not the best platform for you then. :man_shrugging: Fiverr is a private organization. They can choose to do whatever they want. They are not a government organization that has a responsibility to fulfill to their citizens (aka Fiverr sellers). If Fiverr changes something that puts you at a disadvantage, you need to adapt to the change in order to pull your gigs out of the last page. In my opinion, that’s the smartest thing to do. No amount of complaining or starting petitions is possibly going to affect what Fiverr does.


:laughing: talk about a funny mix-up…

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I am a new seller, I have also noticed a significant drop in all my stats. I promote my gigs heavily on social media networks, I even made a gig video in a bid to improve my visibility and hopefully get more orders, but sadly, all my gigs are on the last page of search results too and I don’t know why.


If you search “algorithm” on the forum, you will indeed see similar complaints since fiverr started.

It just happens sometimes.

You may not realise, that sometimes it actually happens in your favour (say all this time you were getting great placement!)

It is not something changing for the specific purpose of harming YOUR sales, it just changes sometimes and it will keep changing probably as long as the fiverr site is around. Not every seller can be in the top position. If there are 2,000 gigs for something, why should your gig be placed above the other 1,999 gigs? Is that fair for all those other sellers?

Use the slowdown time to improve your gigs, brush up on some new skills, expand your offering.

Every time my sales have dropped (which has probably been a dozen times in 4 years), I’ve been annoyed for a bit and then the quiet time has inspired me to explore other options, which has ended up being very positive.


It’s more like people here are like “Don’t totally rely on only Fiverr to be able to pay essentials like your rent and your kids’ or siblings’ food”. For different reasons, these periodical search system experiments and draughts being just one among them.


Yes me too I’m experiencing this problem since January 21st. I have a all-green profile, level 2 seller since 3 years now, constantly making sales and positive reviews.
I have no idea why my gigs are on last research results.
One thing gave me hope is that I saw some of the sellers in my niche got their gigs back in the first page.


This is a curious situation. It seems to have made the Fiverr Levels system unimportant. Before if you are a level 2 seller you are guaranteed of regular sales, but now nothing.

Can’t agree more. level 2 seller i was. (until they demoted me for one late delivery) I’m not getting any new orders. only orders from my past clients who appreciate what i do. Fiverr is robbing us of our orders, pretty sure they promote those who pay them. and the customer support is just 100% Bull. they close my ticket without providing any reasonable answer, im thinking of moving out

This is absolutely different issue. This topic is for discussions about ranking not demotion.


Dont you think its absurd claiming Fiverr only promote those who pay them. Do you think there is some shady geezer collecting brown envelopes outside Fiverr HQ?


Very much appreciated your concern.

Maybe he meant the “Learn from Fiverr” thing (paid for) where it may have a positive effect on ranking (or that is what seemed to be implied).


Once you’ve completed a course, you can improve your ranking, and stand out from other sellers in your category

gig ranking is a serious issue
lot of people are facing the same issue from quite some time now
people who are performing well getting orders and positive reviews and still the gig position is not going up

if they say gig position improves with improved performance, this is not happening at the moment
something needs to be done

Looks like we are on the same boat. May be this wave continues for not more than a couple of days.

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I had a quick look at your ratings recently and I got;
Gig1: 3.3/5 three months ago
Gig2; 3.7/5 month ago, 3/5 two months ago
Gig3: 2.3/5 two WEEKS ago
Gig4: 2.7/5 and 4.3/5 month ago
Gig5: 4.3/5 seven HOURS ago and 4.3/5 two weeks ago,
and 2.3/5 two weeks ago

So its obvious that you couldn’t maintain 5 stars rating in the last few weeks, and maybe others did so they ranked above you.

Getting multiple low rating in short time will send you down for sure. You can’t blame the “system” for that!

Sorry, but I disagree with your petition. If there are other sellers who worked harder to keep 5 stars then they deserve to rank higher.


Not every seller can be in the top position. If there are 2,000 gigs for something, why should your gig be placed above the other 1,999 gigs? Is that fair for all those other sellers?

I completely agree with you on this, but some of our gigs have been on the last page since January. I understand that it could be unfair for other sellers if we are constantly on the first page. I and some other sellers have gone from the first to last within a day, and have stayed there since the middle of January. I can’t speak for other sellers, but I haven’t delivered any late orders and all my stats were green before going to the last page. I’ve experienced plenty of months with slow sales, but never anything like this, without any messages at all, or new orders just some repeat buyers.

I don’t mind the Fiverr algorithm promoting new sellers on the first page, but bringing down all my gigs to the last page and keeping them there for 2 months isn’t okay.


Try going from TRS to level 0, then you’ll see a real drop in your sales.

I’m not complaining, just letting people know that nothing is permanent on Fiverr.

Fiverr isn’t a full-time job unless you’re making enough money to live on.

What is enough? $500? $2,000? $4,000? Depending on where you live, the answer varies.

My suggestion is diversify your income. Now that I drive for Lyft, I can make $50 to $100 a day, in 4 to 6 hours, I can get paid the same day, I can work when I want. Some rides only pay me $2.88, others pay me a lot more. The more I do it, the more I know when and where to do it, how to do it. Of course, if tomorrow Lyft lowers their rates or does something to hurt my business, then I’ll turn to Uber, Postmates, and whatever else is out there.

The gig economy offers no guarantees, but getting a job there is a lot easier than anywhere else.


I don’t support these changes because they were made immediately and without any information provided for the sellers. If levels are not relevant anymore for gig positioning (which is confirmed by numerous Level 2 sellers on the last page), there should be at least a post in the blog with clarifications.

At the same time, it’s here for 2 months (my gigs are on the last page since January 21), and I don’t think it’s going to be reverted.
From what I’ve read on the forum, there are several main reasons:

  • Late deliveries (my case)
  • Several cancellations in a row
  • Low rating
    I also suppose to think that anonymous reviews (sent by the buyer after delivery) and deliveries close to the deadline affect our stats.

I monitor my category on a daily basis, and I can tell that gigs are moving and there’s no direct correlation with levels:

  • One of my Level 2 competitors was moved back and forth around 7 times already, and she wasn’t demoted
  • Another Level 2 competitor was demoted in February, and his gigs are still on the first page
  • The third Level 0 competitor was moved 4 times already, and she’s Level 0 for more than 2 months

In my opinion, new rules are very simple (but not published), and having “green indicators” doesn’t make sense anymore.

The best solution is to work on your perfromance and create additional sources of income. Two years ago, when the algorithm was seriously changed, there was a lot of noise too, but people got used. I don’t understand how threatening and demanding something from a commercial project can help with the positioning of gigs.


Expecting fiverr to change how gig placements work based on complaints of sellers seems naive. It’s not going to happen.


this is very true because when your activity goes down, your position in search changes as well