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Petition for the return of the feedback system

Petition for the return of the feedback system.

My name is Gleb, I have been working on Fiverr more than 19 months, I have 1400 orders and I’m not going to be silent.

I protest against the new feedback system, also for the return of the review change function.

I can give dozens of examples from my practice when buyers behaved as gods and at the same time the support service stayed aloof.

Thousands of sellers think so! Leave us alone !!! We are not slaves!

I ask everyone to leave a comment here. If you are for the return of normal feedback system, leave a comment, consent, +


I agree, fiverr has now become a job as opposed to freelancing. I am slowly working on other sites building up my profile so I can move away from fiverr.

If things don’t change then I am gone for good.


Hi, I am In support.


I agree with you that ever since Fiverr began rolling out those new changes it has been frustrating to work as a freelancer here. Working on Fiverr is no longer profitable for an average freelancer. You can go for weeks without getting any sales and even if you promote your gigs and bring in sales from outside Fiverr you’re still faced with the threat of demotion if the things go bad with the order.


yeah time to leave I think


I think it’s ridiculous and have shared my thoughts with Fiverr admin. Now, you can’t even seen what a buyer has left as feedback until you’ve given your own. They’re treating sellers with contempt and this is wrong. You need both parties to work in unison in order for any business to prosper.


Seriously who over at fiverr thought this was a good idea?

When you have an already stressful environment due to the impact of potential bad buyers reviews or having to cancel orders that were made without your first consenting to those orders, and I believe that feedback modification doesn’t even exist anymore. Now we have the added stress of not being able to respond to a buyers feedback.

At what point do we as sellers say hey this is enough?

We’re jumping through hoops here while fiverr takes 20% of our income?

Cmon fiverr get it together.


I will take part in the petition. Can someone make a real (official) petition page? Let’s see how good idea Fiverr thinks this was when they see how many sellers will sign it.


I agree with all of you. Now it’s even worse with this. I thought everything was great, the buyer constantly said how ‘fantastic’ my work was and I couldn’t see his feedback until I gave mine, which was 5 stars and he gave me just two and a lame comment. C’mooooon… How is this fair?


Honestly just the idea of this new system alone is pretty stressful. I’ve always enjoyed leaving nice responses to my buyers, and this system basically guarantees that I’ll be too scared to do that anymore for fear of looking like an idiot if they give me a bad review.


Totally agreed.

Sellers satisfaction/experience also depends on buyer reaction/satisfaction. How can a seller properly rate a buyer if they don’t know if the buyer is satisfied?

PS: I know buyers may ask revisions, but I already got some negative ratings without the buyer asking for a fixing. Today I could imagine they gave me a positive review and I could give them a 5 stars.

Its completely nonsense.


I agree with you. This is a very idea.


I’m right here with you! Don’t see why they did the change


@micha :point_left:t2: fiverr CEO
We can tag him to get notice.


What’s the use of reviewing buyers if I can’t choose who am I going to work with? I know a platform where the blind system makes sense because, based on a buyer reputation, you choose whether or not to apply for a job.
Blind review is not a bad thing, I just think it’s not appropriate for the Fiverr and it puts additional pressure to sellers.


I definitely agree with you!


Agreed! Normal feedback system should return.


Count me in. The blind feedback system causes yet more stress for sellers and serves no purpose. I for one am tired of working under a constant cloud of anxiety. On the flip side, I’m proud of what I’ve built here and would be sad and angry at having to quit because of this.


Exactly this. The new feedback system is horrendous!


I ask everyone! Do not pass by! Leave your opinion and consent.:fire: