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Petition mega thread for "PAUSE" or "REJECT" button for Sellers for Order Requirements


I’ve been reading complains about Buyers ordering the wrong gig, responding to the Order Requirements without providing any of all of the required information or simply being unresponsive. Myself and many other Sellers are left to suffer the consequences. TRS sellers and Levels are effects when an order is canceled because “delivered on time stats” which cancellations are a factor of. I know this because a few days ago I lost my TRS status due to “delivered on time stats” due to cancellations.

Fiverr’s current system ‘punishes’ Sellers by lowering our Gigs search rankings and more regardless of who prompts cancellations or the reason behind it. Sellers should not be ‘punished’ with lower ranks, ratios, etc. if a Buyer initiates a cancellation for any reason. It’s unfair. I know others have expressed the effects it had on them and their Gig sales.

We need a feature that allows us freelancers to have more control over our own orders and completing these projects.

We don’t want to cancel orders if we can prevent it, but once a Buyer responds to the Order Requirements start––the duration time begins. We have the “extension” feature that’s just a band aid solution (it to when goes unanswered turns into a 48-hour cancellation). We have no control or ability to stop an order when needed, so we can firmly address and obtain what is needed to complete an order verses cancellation.

Fiverr’s team themselves have said, they can’t “force a Buyer to read the Order Requirements or force them to provide the required information needed to begin working on the order”. However, we need a way to largely address and stop order issues in their tracks in a practical way.

Time is a valuable factor that would prevent a large majority of cancellations if we were able to control it within the orders. Being able to utilize (not abuse or misuse) a manageable order time when needed is essential, not only for Sellers but for Fiverr’s business model. The more orders we are able to complete, the more money Fiverr makes and the happier everyone is.

Please comment, like, share, etc. if you support the addition of this feature. It’s time for a change.

Edit: I wanted to clarifying that I am not referring to a “REJECT” button that rejects an entire order. Without detail to why an order was rejected I feel that’s be a bad experience for a Buyer. What I am saying is there should be a “PAUSE” button for the order or a “REJECT” button when it comes to Buyers providing little to no information when it comes to the Order Requirements in an effort to have a way for the timer (because they responded simply to open the order) to stop while we get what is needed for the Order to be completed. In instances where cancellations are needed (ie. the Buyer is refusing to provide information and/or is asking something the you don’t provide) cancellations like these should not effect your account in any way. It is unfair.

No option to decline an offer makes freelancing feel like a job [REDIRECTED]
No option to decline an offer makes freelancing feel like a job [REDIRECTED]

Yes, a pause option until the buyer responds to a query will be super helpful, the sellers won’t be able to misuse them as if they do they will see it reflected in their ratings.

The reject option will be helpful when a buyer makes a mistake or to simply give the sellers a choice to back out of a project they are unsure of or doubtful.


This is of the utmost importance. It is a form of protecting us sellers.
I can see Fiverr is worried about buyers having a good experience and that is fine. However, I do not think we are asking much just by saying “please, let me choose what I will work on without getting bad ranking or affecting my reputation.”


Sounds like a great idea. I really hope they make this function soon


I remember there was a Fiverr blog post where they told us that if we can’t take on a job, we can and should simply say no.

If only it was that simple as they put it… but how can a seller say no if we don’t have a “no” or “reject” button? We can only request a cancellation, which in turn affects us. To me, that’s not a “simple” no to be saying :frowning:


It will never happen. This has been discussed a lot on the forum. They do not was us to refuse jobs.


@misscrystal if they don’t want us to refuse jobs, why did they write that Academy article where it said we should just say no to a job that can’t be done because of a buyer’s fault? The first paragraph clearly illustrates a situation where the buyer orders your gig without reading your gig description and asking you to do something completely different, and Fiverr told us to:

Unless there’s some hidden meaning or interpretation that I couldn’t see…


That’s why we are allowed to cancel gigs. Cancelling this type of order won’t hurt our ratings.

If they have an easy button to click to refuse an order people will abuse that and do it too much.


Well, I would say that just like with cancellations, that reject button could come with a “reason” form to choose from, which would allow Fiverr to differentiate between abuses and genuine uses :slight_smile: I mean, just like how they detect abuse of cancellations, they can detect abuse of rejection, right?


The option to accept or reject an order would reduce the number of disputes and cancellations. The sellers will accept an order only when they can fulfill the requirements and on the other hand buyers will get work done as per their requirements. In certain cases, either buyer has to compromise or they go for dispute. This happens because certain requirements are beyond the skills of that particular seller.


We already have that in the resolution center. It’s a button you click with choices about why you are cancelling.


Absolutely support this, especially the ability to reject orders where the customer has either supplied false/minimal information or ordered incorrectly. And absolutely the penalty for taking these sort of actions (preemptive and responsible) should not be punished where it is ultimately in the interests of the community as a whole.


Ultimately though a rejection is action taken by the seller and in the scheme of things has almost zero net impact overall. A seller can reject 1,000 orders and not have it count because:

  1. A rejection would be a refusal to commence work
  2. A cancellation would be a cease-work while the job is in-progress
  3. A pause would be a temporary hold while either information is supplied or circumstances change (i.e. 24-hour gastro bug)

And all Fiverr would monitor is the amount of cancellations, because in this case cancellations would be more meaningful as a metric of seller performance.


The use of that option still requires the buyer to accept or refuse, it’s all in their hands.
They can refuse, play with you, order to just cancel again or order to give you a bad review no matter what you do.
I had buyers refusing the cancellation and CS saying to me: as long as the dispute is open we cannot do anything, try sending the cancellation request again. With a result of just having a buyer giving me a bad review because he asked me for something I don’t do.
They just get stubborn, they don’t want to understand or they just have problems in understanding that the fact that they pay, doesn’t entitle them to act like dictators or to ask whatever job they want to, independently of what you offer.
And of course, CS doesn’t change reviews because: reviews show a particular relationship for that transaction between you and your buyer…
That’s all like a big joke.:unamused: But it happens and it happens often.

I will be always for this option:

For Graphics & Designs.


You can ask customer support to cancel any order. I have rarely had to do that.
Most buyers accept a cancellation request.

I have never had a problem with this. It’s annoying if they do not accept the cancellation request but eventually the order will get cancelled one way or the other.


That’s the point:

The whole idea of an “accept order” button is not to deal with cancellations.

I believe most sellers who ask for that button are the ones with many bad experiences, and I understand people who maybe see this option as useless.
It happened in the last two months two things I would like to share:
Once someone ordered my Gig for $50 + $10 for 24 hours delivery.
That was a poster with a clear exaltation of religious extremism.
In my Gig is written since years that I don’t work with any kind of religious topics. He didn’t accept it. He wanted to have the poster done within 24h. He didn’t want to cancel and CS gave me those answers I’ve written before.
Second one was a fellow who wanted a poster of uncle Adolf H. Also for $50
Same thing there.
Why should I get punished when the buyer doesn’t read or don’t want to read what I offer.
Uncle Fiverr should not be afraid that this kind of buyers will not find someone else to do that job, and even for $5, but I don’t do that, no matter how much they pay.
In my category (and it’s my own opinion) that button should be an option.
I understand uncle Fiverr when he’s afraid of possible abuse of that button: people can refuse working if the price is just $5… but… why forcing you to work anyway? I call it “forcing” because sellers are always in the position to decide for the less painful option: bad review/cancellation rate

That happens in Graphics & Design.
Other categories may not see any relevance in that button.
But I do, and also others who had to deal often with that problems.


Why discuss something that won’t happen.


It may not happen.
But if the brothers Wright would have given up so fast… we would still be traveling by boat over the ocean.
Trying doesn’t make us lose anything, but if it works one day, we will win much.


Ok then good luck with that.


It’s a relevant idea in almost any industry, in my experience (limited though), a buyer is never backward in coming forward about what they want but very good at downplaying the price in their head.

A good example is a customer who wants an excel document, detailing it in such a manner that they only believe it to be an “easy” job only to find out after they supply the rest of the information that it suddenly becomes an extremely complex job with the same cost/time expectations as a basic one.

Now to a point the cost becomes secondary to time, as we can make up for lost money but it can be a death knell with poor performance metrics.