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Petition to bring back the old fiverr website


I have made a petition to show fiverr we really do love the old style website and in hope that maybe they would consider giving us the option to choose which website style we like best, either the new or the old. If you are in favor of this petition please sign it, Thanks!

Only we can show fiverr we really want the old system back.


Sheriffs note: I understand you’re passionate about your problems, however. External links are not allow. Sorry.


Well, I hate to rain on your parade, but this happened with Fiverr 2.0, and none of those petitions worked. People complained to CS. People complained on the forums. People started petitions.

But I wish you good luck~!


I want old todo (with number indicator) back …! New one is totally useless !


Reply to @a7freelancer: Agreed!


Reply to @a7freelancer: +1. Actually the new design looks good, but I don’t have a clue why they spared the number indicator from it. That one was very useful.

And if we’re talking about what Fiverr should bring back; the Fiverr 2.0 search and visibility routine.


chase183 does have a point. The original system was much. much better for buys when ordering. It was easy to search for by username and it was simply more user friendly. In comparison to the newest version 3, almost every buyer asks me how to order, search for users is limited to only your previous conversation or sales and of course always limitations with gig extras and the numbers of words for the description. The original version also had limits but it should have been developed more into a socializing platform, not just selling. That’s what fiverr lacks today. That’s why fiverr will need to start advertising because sales of gigs are dropping.




Reply to @startselect: Thanks, I do keep forgetting that.


I still have my queue on display. I think you need to clear your cache.


No problem.


Point 1. Since when does Fiverr give its sellers a choice?

Point 2. I like the new version because you can make custome offers

Point 3. Since Fiverr 3.0 Sales went down from aprox 300$ a week to like 15$

I used to give all my energy to Fiverr, but now I work also on other Online Platforms. Let’s waite and see what happens. I learned not to stress out to much over Fiverr anymore, there is allway something new here, may be better may be wors.



Same thing happened to me… I used to earn around 1.5k - 2k per month on fiverr but now only $300 per month after they launch 3.0 … I think it’s time for me to leave fiverr & find a new job …


Reply to @blake2013: Too bad… Many Fiverr Level 2 sellers and TRS are looking for work on other websites. It’s the result of the greatest Fiverr marketing strategy: Fiverr 3.0 .


Reply to @mimie01: Yea this is pretty much how its going for me. The orders I get are from buyers who tend to not read my description of the gig and order improperly. Half of them don’t communicate proper english so its all very difficult to deal with and I too tend to work on other platforms more these days.

Not to mention the problems I have with customer support. I’m in the process of asking the staff why my 1:20 length brand new gig intro video is being denied on my gig and their excuse is that it has to be under 1:00… SO I took 10 minutes of my time to show them 8 different links showing gigs with over 1:10 gig intro videos and a few up to 1:40. They can’t seem to fix the simplest of issues and seem to be hell bent on treating sellers like crap in every possible scenario you deal with them about.

If I was the devil himself I would probably fail to devise a plan to jerk people around that would be better than fiverr customer’s support staff manages on a daily basis… or at least with my issues.


Reply to @easy_button: The biggest problem I have now is with shady customers. I made clear, that my logo design gig takes 3 steps and will cost at the end xyz$$$ for all rights and original Files. I ask every customer to confirm if the read my gig discription and if they have any questions about pricing. Most of them replay, yes I read it, I understand that original work will cost us more than 5$. Then they order, wor is delivered and I never hear from them again. I am starting to believe, they just steal my design and run with it. Also, some customer insist on getting unlimited modification and hours of work for 5$, when I clearly have a detailed gig discription that lays out my conditions.

Before 3.0 People ordered a design, we worked together and I made sales. Now it feels like only lieres and cheaters linger around here. I am probably going to close up shop pretty soon here and only leave 1 gig. I can build my own webpage, drive traffic to it and if I make even 1 sale a month, its now better then being cheated and stolen on here.

I am really sad, because Fiverr was so exiting for me in the beginning, I took it as a very seariouse business opportunity and even had given all my time and energy.

Yesterday, I applied for a part time job, I have a Masters so I have no concerns not finding a job, but its a step back, since Fiverr was supposed to be my ticket into being my own boss.


yah even my sales have gone down. trying to figure out what to do…

what are you all doing different now?