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Petition to remove 'Response Rate' [ARCHIVED]


‘Like’ and comment if you are NOT in favor of the new ‘response rate’ feature…

If you DON’T like it or want it, let your voice be heard by Fiverr.

I’m really seeing no point in implementing this as it holds no bearing on sales, deadlines, and ratings. We should be able to choose which messages we want to reply to and which we don’t. I get 3-5 spammy messages a day and I’m supposed to reply to them then mark em spam? I get people asking me questions that are already detailed in the gig description such as price and what is included, I sometimes ignore these because if you can’t figure out those details, it’s probably not the best idea to work with those people as they become extremely time consuming and will take away time to focus on ORDERS and gaining QUALITY customers.

This is a micro-managing type of feature. No one on Fiverr who is a seller wants to be told that they MUST reply to their messages in their inbox with 24 hours otherwise they will be docked pay and bonuses (exposure/levels).

It’s causing people more headaches than anything and should have no weight or bearing in how our exposure, levels, search results, or any other negative factor that could occur by not replying to a message.

It should be OUR choice and this feature should be removed. IMO…

By the way, I have answered every single message I have gotten in the past week within an hour or two and I’m at 91% response rate. I don’t have time to rack my brain over stuff like this and I’m sure a lot of busy, successful entrepreneurs don’t either.

Thanks for your time.

DTong (TRS)

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I don’t really mind it if it’s programmed well. This feature should only consider new messages and not replies. The problem starts to become a problem if the replies go back and forth. I always answer quickly to messages if possible, but if the score is also based on replies to replies, then its useless because people often just say “thanks” and then you are forced to reply.

It would make most sense if only the first reply is counted to see how sellers perform to reply to new queries. If replies to replies count, then it makes no sense as it would mean it’s a waste of time, cause it makes no sense to always reply with spam like “you are welcome” just to get a “you too” and then having to reply again… that would be a real time-waster…


Even though I have been replying to every message I have gotten within the past two days (and I always have the final word) my response rate is still stuck at 50%. I find it ridiculous that Fiverr is using a broken system to influence Gig visibility on their website.

And to anyone wondering, I’m pretty positive a low response rate negatively affects you. At least that’s what I gathered from the Fiverr blog post:

"Responsiveness influences the traffic that sellers receive, so sellers who want to grow their businesses should prioritize keeping a good response time and rate. Use the following tips and suggestions for responding quickly and effectively to some common issues: - See more at:

I also find their “solutions” to a late response (or not responding to messages at all) asinine.

"Oh? You can’t be in front of your computer all day long? Just get the Fiverr App for your phone!"

Really? That’s going on the assumption that everyone on this site uses a smart phone, and that everyone who uses a smart phone has the unlimited data to constantly be browsing the website.


Well, that was a longer rant than I meant it to be, but there you go.

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I don’t want the response rate mis-feature. I don’t think it has much effect on us right now and I try to console nervous sellers on the forum. What I believe is that at some point it will be used against us.

Mine usually stays high because I use a combo of canned responses and mobile to answer. Then came 2 external spammers that were blocked by Fiverr plus 2 internal spammers that were also blocked by Fiverr. I couldn’t respond but hoped it wouldn’t matter for blocked users. A day or so later my rate dropped from 99% into the 80’s. Great.


Fiverr wants us in their life. Our gigs deliver the revenue. We pay fees, they add processing fees, they want us to use them outside of Fiverr to expose our services, and what we receive in return is a certain amount of impressions when people search for gigs. Sure, I make some money on here but I am irritated by their “arrogance” that seems to mimic guys like Facebook that you just can’t speak to directly. If you log CS tickets, you go “into the queue”, etc etc.

Recently I couldn’t even get a response to a technical glitch during a “live gig”, so the timer was ticking away and I was in a queue somewhere trying to resolve a technical issue preventing the client from submitting certain parts of info.

This new “response time” gadget dropped from 100% to 67% when it got implemented, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. Like you said in the main post, I respond to actual buyers immediately and I get great reviews - so this little gadget of theirs makes no sense. I am sick of responding to spammers - and these quick responses still takes time to send. Maybe, and that is a huge maybe, it could be supported if it resulted in inactive sellers being put on “automatic vacation” so that active sellers could get more exposure, but we all know the chances of that happening. So the feature serves absolutely no purpose.

I am 100% with you - they should get rid of it. Also, response times is being affected by this crap. Because I don’t respond to spam messages immediately - or at least didn’t do so in the last 30 days, I have a 9 hour average response time on my profile while I know that I don’t keep people waiting that long. I have the app downloaded and I respond to real buyers much faster as I obviously want their business again. If I myself go looking at gigs, I take that “response time” into account if I am in a hurry.

So shelve it, shove it, ship it - do whatever they want with it, but get it out of our faces.


Reply to @jtengle: Yeah, it’s not very helpful. It doesn’t give you the option to mutually cancel an order, or even add a message in response to jobs in the buyer request area. Plus, I don’t feel the messages are actually count as “read” until you look at them on the computer.


Reply to @maddisont: Not to mention, the Fiverr app blows.


Reply to @steveeyes: 100%, but you may have to wait months for their copy/paste reply.


Reply to @gingerwriter: If CS doesn’t respond in 24 hours, will their response rate be dinged :slight_smile:


Anyone know what CS response rate is? :-h :-h :-h


Fiverr must be losing it. This has to be one of the worse features ever.

I get daily messages that need to be ignored, not encouraged. But with this new feature, I feel obligated to reply and reply and reply.

Just now I got a message from a guy who said:

Message: "can you send me all your images you use for your gig"

I said "sorry, I can’t do"

Reply "what, why not, what’s your problem"

Normally I would ignore and not reply and it would end here. But with Fiverr’s new feature I felt obligated to reply.

I said "I don’t give away my images for free for others to use, sorry"

He replied and it goes on and on.


Yippie, I have more messages in my inbox and there will be some spam and more unreasonable requests that I need to reply to or Fiverr will ding me. Thanks fiverr.

If we could reply and at least block them to end the string of craziness that would help but every one I blocked, I still got messages from.

As it stands now, you got to make sure you get the last word in or you will be dinged. If they say thank you, reply and say welcome. If they say “jump off the roof” reply and say “doing it now”.

Why is Fiverr providing spammers the tools to make their job easier?


I normally respond fast to all of my messages but i can do without the response rate!


Just encourages all the nuts to keep on harassing. Response rate only goes so high and sticks there.


Reply to @sincere18: I did, but until they act on the request, I have no recourse.


I’ve been answering all my messages for several weeks and my response rate keeps dropping.


Reply to @katecarlile: did you report the spammer?


Reply to @dtongsports: are sellers sending some of these sample emails to Customer Support?


Reply to @mrproofreading: if someone has copies your gig and is spamming you, did you notify Customer Support of it?


I received a string of messages today from another seller who just wanted to chat. Normally I wouldn’t mind this, but the seller had completely copied one of my gigs, word-for-word, as well as my gig’s image.

So, I now have to sit and reply to every message that I receive from this fraudster, simply because an unreliable metric tells me to do so.


is this disturbing issues? because i think it doesn’t matter. :-S