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Petition to stop the New Star Rating System

I feel this new system will do nothing but hurt our ratings,Please help us in asking fiverr to go back to the thumbs rating.Lets save our good ratings.

Reply to @alliemadison12: :slight_smile: Thanks,But yes This is the first time fiverr has done anything I felt like it would only do bad for all the sellers.

I agree to this petition. It’s funny to see @youtubefun come out of the woodwork into the forum and be so passionate about this issue. You were the first seller I remember when I first joined Fiverr and your gigs are so crazy (I love them!)

Reply to @kjblynx: facebook still has power of the people:) So it still will help to get the word out even more:)

Reply to @kjblynx: I see it as if all fiver can see is us not like the new rating system,They will be like ops…

Reply to @kjblynx: Still other fiverr sellers see it and say whats going then they speak up:)

Well more threads about this the better:) Let the voices of fiverr be heard:)

Reply to @flyer_designer: Great Idea will do :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t how many times I have to explain to buyers that their gig is in limbo waiting for Fiverr to provide me (seller) instructions. Why? After the buyer buys the gig, they go to a page that is vague and not clear what to do.

  2. Fiverr’s notification system is bad. Version 1 notification was a million times better. That little bubble icon is the worse. Make it like version 1

  3. After delivering the gig, I’m amazed when I don’t hear back from the client. Finally, I will send another message (from conversation page) and 9 times out of 10, the client tells me that they never got the delivery message that their product was finished.

  4. As it is now, a buyer can rate a seller months after delivery. That’s crazy. They can also change their rating at any time. Again, unfair. There should be a time limit of how long a buyer can rate a gig and how long before they can change it. I think under version 1 it was 10 days. Under version 2, there are constant complaints about being rated months later or a buyer changing the ratings because he wanted something additionally done months after the job was completed and if the seller said you have to pay or refused, buyer would change previous rating even though it was completed months ago. This is bogus and needs to be changed.

  5. Responsiveness. Kind of ironic that under the new rating system one of the things you list is responsiveness. I can’t help to think that you are aware of the many unhappy sellers concerning the new rating system. Your response — zelch, zero, nothing, no reply, etc. Why?

Yes,I feel like this idea will only hurt not help us,Please give us our thumbs back.

Stop it NOW!

Stop it NOW!

I’ve only been on fiverr for a bit, so this new rating system seems strange to me. I don’t really see the harm in a five star rating system in and of itself. What is so bad about it vs the thumbs up/down system.

Reply to @bigmish: If your a seller youll learn soon enough when buyers start playing the 3 to 4 star game and your rating goes down until no one orders from ya:(

This new rating system suxx ballz. ARS be gone!!!

I’ve been a “Seller” of goods and services for 50+ years, and I think it ridiculous to ask or force a Buyer to do ANYTHING. A Buyer doesn’t have to do anything. They don’t even have to spend their money… and once they do that… there is nothing left for them to do.

Asking or worse yet, forcing a Buyer to rate/review a Seller or Service is not needed. The market is self-organizing and self-managing. In any given market or industry, there are Buyers that if given a doorway and an easy path, will voluntarily leave feedback. And those Buyers are in the minority. Truth is, most Buyers/Shoppers simply want good value/service, an easy way to buy, to go home and be left alone.

The Shopping/Buying experience should be as simple and as effortless as possible. Why make Buyers do tricks? Or is it a case that someone needs their ego stroked with feedback?

Screw the metrics. Instead of implementing a pre-fabricated, human-less back-end review system, leave the existing Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down system in play (which works by the way), and implement some Buyer friendly usability on the front-end of the Fiverr experience.

If Fiverr needs help or examples on how to improve the Buying experience, I’m sure there are a few Buyers (and even a few Sellers) that could offer invaluable knowledge and assistance.

why should we be judge on " will you recomend or buy again" ? This is b.s. when i give a service i dont intend to keep selling the same product to the same person again or even ask or care if they recomend me. This has to stop.

Not only that, we all know most buyers dont even read gigs descriptions, what makes you think they will give a crap about how many stars to give? You are handing out power to them. Dont forget who are the ones who work just so you get a buck.

Fiverr has now become a joke!


Reply to @youtubefun: I figured that top sellers who get 10+ sales per day wouldn’t really be affected by a once in a while 4 or 3 star, but I haven’t had to wear those shoes yet. I know for me, keeping my 100% rating hasn’t been that hard. I wonder how much harder it will be with the new system.

PS When was the system implemented. Wasn’t it a few days ago? If they switch back, how will they convert any loss in ratings back? Will this just hurt everyone until they fix it, but still leave the damage?