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Petition to turn the Fiverr logo GREEN for St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)

  • Yes, it is an international celebration that should be recognized by Fiverr
  • Yes, we love Irish people and think Fiverr should too
  • Yes, I just can’t say no to you lest you set the dogs on me.
  • No, Fiverr shouldn’t focus on individual countries as it looks like favoritism
  • No, The logo looks good as it is and changing the color will cheapen the brand
  • No, for religious/anti-debauchery/xenophobic reasons
  • No, I can’t stand you or your dogs so I will not endorse anything you do.

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So you want the Fiverr logo to also be changed into a gigantic lucky shamrock with a leprechaun hat and rainbow on top of it too, Eoin?

How tacky of you. I certainly hope they don’t also add a misleading pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, as well.



wait, isn’t fiverr’s logo already rather green?

maybe we need beer bottles to make it more apparent we are honoring St. Patrick’s day? :smiley:


I rather like Emma’s idea above actually, rather than just green.


Aw, how can Fiverr not comply? The portrait speaks a thousand words. Perhaps the next campaign poster. :four_leaf_clover:


No they updated the Fiverr logo to BLACK now. It’s been like this for a few months.
Starting with the change of the banner on their home HQ

Straight from Fiverr server: (named:“fiverr-logo-new.png”)


oh I see.

they definitely need to update their favicon and mobile app then!

thanks @djgodknows


They still have the green logo for the press kit, but I doubt anyone has either taken there time to update this, or maybe the black logo has not been unveiled OFFICIALLY.


My answer isn’t on the list. Instead of just green for St. Eoin’s Day, I want the logo to be redrawn in MSpaint, preferably freehand, and I want it to INCLUDE many shades of green. (More than 50.) I also want it to clearly include every other possible color (and all shades of each color) that can be created in Paint. It might take a while.


My answer isn’t on the list.

“No, I don’t care and have better thing for Fiverr to work on than political arguments. Now get back to work so I can spend money on this platform.”


I don’t think there’s anything political about St. Patrick, St. Andrew or any other patron saint - it’s just a bit of fun - we are still allowed to have fun, aren’t we?


As per another post floating around today, you forgot to include the dimensions. Very important. It’s the 21st century after all.


You sound like you must be fun at parties.


Not sure if this is a request to create “50 Shades of Green”, an Irish version of a book with a similar title.


Oh you are right, so sorry. I wanted the new logo to be 45,987,001px by 4px.


@fonthaunt: That’s awesome, can you show us a sample?


I guess the petition didn’t have enough signatures. :smirk:

It’s all right Eoin, you tried hard, blood, sweat & tears. :grinning:

Wear your green proudly today!


So… I am planning to go out tonight and had forgotten about this.

Must try to find a bar which isn’t filled with red-faced expats who have been drinking since 10am screeching random things in bad Irish accents and of course telling everyone that they are 1/8th Irish on their mother’s side. Good job there’s a crap Irish bar acting as a magnet for them!


I don’t need to wear green - I’m green on the inside
(Note: I mean I am Irish, not that I have an infection)