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Phantom review and buyer violating rules for 'social experiments'

I joined Fiverr a couple years ago but just recently started becoming active (like last week was my first gig active)

I have since done 2 gigs as a seller, both 5 star ratings.

I’ve had a mutually cancelled gig where the buyer tried setting me and another seller up (we both have Skype gigs) to trick us into thinking that we had bought from one another for a ‘social experiment’, confusing, I know, but my Skype gig said I would record the conversation so he was hoping I would send him the recording for what I’m guessing to create a YouTube video from. The other seller and I had figured out what happened so I refused to send over the video to the actual buyer of the gigs. He got angry that I wouldn’t send it, as what he did is a violation of Fiverr’s ToS. Anyway, I guess my question is, would he be able to leave a 1 star review on a mutually cancelled gig?

I already contacted Fiverr and am waiting for a response.

I do not think so but if he does just send a message to support and if they see that the buyer did anything not allowed or fishy than they will usually remove the review.