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Pherron Profile Picture

I have recently set up my Fiverr account, and whilst doing that I selected my profile picture. Not too long after, I recieved a notification that it had been taken down as ‘it might not be original’. However, it most definitely is. I created it myself using, and I have also used t on other social media accounts. If anyone could help me in getting this as my profile picture I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time!

PS: The profile picture I have right now is not the one I am talking about. It is simply one I picked out of my gallery arbitrarily, which seems not to have been taken down. The issue still remains though.

You need to use one that does not display that message you got about it not being original. It’s no use arguing that it IS original since no one will believe you probably anyway.

That may be your problem?

I’ve had similar warnings about using images I’ve created as well - just make some changes to it, or use another one. :slightly_smiling_face:

have the original file of it saved on my computer in both png and the correct form. Could this be of any help as evidence?

No evidence will be believed once you get that warning.