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Phew! Cricket starts tomorrow


ICC Champions Trophy begins tomorrow. At least I will have something to look forward to for the next 18 days. Should be fun. Who is going to win? 4 equal favorites - England, South Africa, India and Australia. Two dark horses - New Zealand and Pakistan. Sorry to say, but Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have no chance. Just an objective assessment as a cricket expert :smiley:


May be, may be not.

I will just say, Cricket is the most unpredictable sport EVER. You never know who going to be a TIGER or who is going to become a MOUSE. :smile:


True that, sports is always like that… but then if everyone can win, just say anyone can win, why should anyone bother making predictions before any sporting event.


Just to keep themselves and audience busy.


Final match INDIA vs ENGLAND


Well, I get paid for making cricket predictions, although not as much as some of the experts on TV :laughing:


Let’s see. But some crazy clash of egos has broken out in Indian camp between captain Kohli and coach Kumble. That could be a distraction. Completely stupid.


They will never pay you a single penny if they dont have any FINANCIAL INTEREST in that.

I think its really great for you. You are being paid for what you LOVE to do. :thumbsup:


Indian team desn’t need any coach. what you say? :joy:


Are you kidding me? They are a bunch of spoiled overgrown kids. Kumble is the right man to manage them, he is the greatest matchwinner India ever produced in cricket, so he is better than all of them and does not have to bow down to any of them.Now the spoilt brats want him removed. That just gave me an idea for a cricket opinion piece. See you guys later :smile:


waiting for mother of all clashes




BTW, what do you have to say about Priyanka Chopra disrespecting Modiji by wearing knee-length dress in her meeting with him in Berlin?

Courtesy of dailymail.


LOL…those who want to outrage will find a million things every day to outrage about. I am busy with my articles :laughing: [Just as Modi is busy with his work. He probably had no idea who this lady was before meeting her, so didn’t know what to say. LOL. He doesn’t watch movies. And he probably forgot all about it a minute after meeting her. He had a joint press conference with Chancellor Merkel later that day, for heaven’s sake, then a meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister, and today a meeting with the Russian President Putin. The PM meets hundreds of people every day. But some people have all the time in the world, so will make a mountain out of any molehill. ]


Bangladesh is a strong team in this year’s Champions Trophy and the real Black Horse is Bangladesh, because the team has Mashrafee Tamim and a young player like Shakib Mustafiz


Hope you have seen yesterday practice match IND vs BAN :smile:




Yeah, Bangladesh has a good chance of winning this match provided they take some early wickets. England bat deep, let’s see.


Told you, Bangladesh needed to take at least 3 early wickets. Now looks very tough for them.


WOW guys check Google Doodle. :heart_eyes: That game is so addictive. I made 62 runs.


Are you referring to this cricket? :thinking: