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Phew...just had a life and death experience

LOL…not that serious, but close. Went out for a cup of coffee, then did a bit of shopping, as I was returning home found out that my house keys were not with me. LOL. I was in my T-shirt and pajamas, with just $10 in my pocket and my phone…don’t have too many friends and have no family…so would probably become homeless in a big city - Bangalore…anyway, to cut the story short, after a frantic search I found the key in a shop where I’d bought noodles for breakfast. Apparently, a customer had taken it thinking it belonged to them, came back and returned to the shopkeeper. Anyway, I just realized the most important thing in my life is my key, to be protected with my life :slight_smile:

Don’t know what role God had to play with it, but in this moment of absolute desperation, I remember taking God’s name…and got the key after that. Whether it was just luck or divine intervention, I now believe there’s a God out there. Funny thing is I have written over 50 articles for over half-a-dozen locksmith websites based in the US, so I have a lot of theoretical knowledge of locksmiths and the technology used by them… but haven’t seen a single locksmith shop in Bangalore, my city, and don’t know if they even exist! The only locksmiths I know are based in Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco and God knows where…LOL…

hello @writer99025, you said a life and death experience! lol, you will always get other alternatives in life. i mean, if for example lets say you never found your keys, could you have died? i think you exaggerated. You couldn’t have died. there are always alternatives. eg, breaking door down,…i think that’s one of the major alternatives you could have chosen

It was said half in jest :slight_smile:

lol ! i was so worried thinking what worse cud have happened with you :slight_smile: