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Eye tests done, no issues, only the number has increased a bit. Went for a second opinion. The previous doctor had scared me about “progressive vision loss”. Now will make positive changes to my life, cut down work and get physically active, exercise, etc.

A big thank you to God!


Exactly :smiley:

Also realized the healthcare system/doctors in India are very corrupt. So stay healthy unless you want to get fleeced by them.

One thing I know is that there are highly trained and skilled surgeons in India. people from my country always go in India for Heart surgery.

Yeah, but there are a lot of crook doctors too, who overcharge you and scare the hell out of you.

Worry not, as you age, your sight will worsen :smiley:
Yeah, doctors all want to be rich, and they probably own drugstores too.

The same here about doctors.

Such greed!

Staying healthy can save me $100,000 over a lifetime or more. Never trust doctors.

I don’t. I have always been disappointed in them, if not actually harmed in various ways.
I have to be my own doctor.

I was harmed by one when I was 19. Misdiagnosed and put on 100 x the wrong dose of a toxic anti-convulsant. I’ve never trusted doctors since and never found something apart from the odd broken bone which I can’t fix for myself. In fact, I just finished a 50 day fast and feel fantastic. I’d strongly recommend anyone to research alternative, non-allopathic medicine. Not read blogs, or take a single supplement to try and cure something like cancer, but to actually get their hands dirty discovering how the body actually works and how to implement decisive lifestyle and dietary changes to in the least case ameliorate different illnesses. It’s a leap, but it’s definitely worth it.

I agree. A lot of the drugs doctors prescribe including some antibiotics can do extreme damage.