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Phishing alert! Do not the open .doc files sent by scammers

Hello fellow Fiverr sellers,
Within last 1 hour I received messages from 2 different users asking me to download a .doc file and a link to download it outside of Fiverr.
To many it may look like a normal .doc file, but beware this file contains a macro which will run and your computer will get infected with malware.
Immediately report such users and if you ever receive a file that is suspicious never try to open it without running a anti virus scan on it.
Here’s how the message I received looks like.
Be safe.


i had also received same thing. But the message was a bit different. But i was unable to open that document. It required and older version of MS office. So i downloaded it, installed it, opened the file with that version and it required to enable macros, i enabled it also. But still i was unable to view up the file. I told that to the buyer, but there is actually no answer till now. I was pretty much puzzled. Thanks for information. It has really infected my PC a bit. I was confused what has gone wrong with it. Now i am very worried if they have got any information with the help of this file. :confused:

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Please never open anything that require macros to be run.


This comes up again and again. Some people are going to send you files that legitimately have macros in them. I work with MS Office documents so it happens to me over 50% of the time.

The thing to do is to scan them for viruses before opening them.

Have a look at this link to get some ideas:


Ok read this carefully.
Your PC is probably infected by a malware by now and the hackers have your logins to your accounts.
I suggest you change all your passwords ASAP from a different computer or from your phone.
There could be a keylogger installed and they can use your accounts to make unauthorized transactions.
Once you do that do a complete scan of the PC that is infected.
I think you don’t have a AV installed or else most of them would have notified you of the risk of opening the file or you might have simply ignored.
Be safe and take precautions.


Thank you so much for the warning. It’s a good reminder to be more alert. It’s easy to get excited about a possible new gig and not think it through.


Hello to all Fiverr users,

I just received similar inquiry in the inbox with suspicious Word document named Details.doc and I just checked it for malware and analysis showed that file is infected and dangerous.

I recommend to everyone to be careful with similar one page Word files showing a message about the incompatibility and suggests a macros activation. Screenshot is attached.

Take care!


This happened to me last month. Luckily my virus guard blocked it. And i reported it to customer support.

i’m doing it.
Thanks for your help.

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