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Phishing Alert on fiverr!

Hi fellow fiverrs,

I received a message from a user called vote_team pretending to be the official fiverr team and promising more sales on fiverr.

They promise more traffic to your gig if you “vote” on their website. The target website is designed to look similar to, with even links to in the footer!

Please stay away from this website and DO NOT click on any links in the message. This looks like a phishing attempt to takeover your fiverr account.

If you did click on any links/logged in to their website, please change your password immediately.

Fiverr has already blocked the user, but the initial message will still show up in your inbox.


i also got same message :-w and informed to customer service

That’s been around for a while, Fiverr warned people about it:

Thanks @catwriter. I didn’t see that discussion. I wonder why doesn’t fiverr report this to the DMCA and take the website down. The post you linked is more than 2 months old.