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Phishing Attempts for Up-Work on Fiverr

I’ve been contacted by another “user” who has asked me to register for an account on up-work, then, “rent” him the account. He claims he will make $1000 a month and give me 10% of all the money he makes for the use of my account. And, he reached out to me through Fiverr for this.

Obviously, this is some sort of Phishing attempt and total crap.

Has anyone come across this? What’s the benefit here for the person on the other end?

Yes, many.

They hope that someone will be desperate enough to fall for it?


He’s spoofing an IP in ********* which raises suspensions beyond a simple phishing attempt. Possibly going around international law of embargoes.

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

Interestingly enough Fiverr is making it difficult for me to respond here in this forum. Something I said keeps tripping a flag.

Just report the buyer then block them afterwards.

I have, I was just curious. I think its important to understand methods and motivations so I was looking for some more insight on this particular type of incident. Having me start a whole new account with no history is interesting because there is not sensitive information attached to it. I just dont see how it’s helpful for him.

“Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups.”

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