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Phishing email?


Ok, so this morning I ordered a gig. Paid, seller confirmed the order. Close to two hours later, I get an email from Fiverr telling me that I haven’t finished the gig with a button to click to finish it (I did not click it). I logged back in and the order is live. Was this a glitch on Fiverr’s end or do I need to worry someone has hacked Fiverr or my account?


In order to start an order you have to “submit the required” information requested by your seller.

Additionally, Fiverr will send you an email like this, but if you have already started the order - you can dispose of that email. (It’s just a friendly reminder)


What concerned me about it was I submitted the info immediately after paying, the seller confirmed the order thanking me, then like two hours later I got that email. I order quite a bit from Fiverr and have never gotten one of these emails before.


I believe that is standard protocol and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Just to be sure you can send a :speech_balloon: to support.


I am hoping you are right, but it hasn’t been standard protocol for anything I have ordered in the two years I have been buying here, and I buy quite a few gigs monthly. I did send in a ticket hoping to verify it did come from them and was a mistake. It had the sellers name I purchased from on the email so it raised my concern level as more than just a blanket phishing email. I know support can sometimes take some time getting back so posted here to see if anyone else had seen this today.


You have a legitimate cause for concern! I was just offering my 2 senses.

Keep me posted on CS response!


Thanks, will post back with their answer when they reply.


It could be a glitch. A buyer told me that she got a message that I needed more info, even though she had submitted the order requirements. I haven’t sent that message (or any other, she placed the order and got the message while I was sleeping).


Sounds like the message I got. Thank you for sharing, It helps me lean towards it being a glitch.


In every case when you don’t trust an e-mail like this, be it from Fiverr or any other service, contact their CS in order to make sure they actually sent it to you.