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Phishing? fake client? warning!


Does anyone received a message from this “client” **user: ********?
He said he had a job for me and that the description was inside a dropbox link
the link was very suspicious, not dropbox, and led to a fake image of dropbox business, asking to log in with different email or facebook etc
So I think this guy is trying to steal information.
or… if anyone actually worked succesfully for him, let him know that he might have had his account hacked?
anyway… I wanted to share this.

Mod Note: Username removed.


Scary! Thanks so much for the heads up. I will report if I receive it.


Hey! Thank you for sharing.

I received these messages previously from other users. I think those are bots or something. Normally, those messages end up in my Spam folder, but when they don’t, I simply reply in a polite way and say that I only accept briefs within Fiverr and ask to attach a PDF with instructions or write everything within my gig requirements.

Most of the time, I don’t expect to hear anything back, but I still respond in order to keep up my stats for response rate.

To be honest, I don’t click external links even when it’s a real person writing me (unless those are examples of illustrations I’m asking for). I don’t like taking my chances of catching some virus :slight_smile: