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Phishing? Or the real deal?

I just applied to become a Fiverr affiliate, and seconds later I received a verification that it was sent, and then accepted. Both, however, were in my spam folder and marked as potential phishing whereas a reply to the support ticket I sent went to my primary inbox. Is there a way to check if it’s the real email from Fiverr or just a scam that looks like Fiverr? What does the official email look like?


Just looked at mine - it’s a few months old so yours might look a bit different.

It came from affiliates @ fiverr dot com - the subject is ‘Welcome To Fiverr Affiliates’ and there’s a selfie of some ‘doers’ in a convertible looking all cheerful and doesrish.

Hope yours is the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

better question is do you know what phishing is ??
For email phishing check email address, if it is no-reply email address don’t even bother checking it. it is not phishing.
For web phishing check url.

Thank you for the replies! I do know what phishing is. I have a VPN installed and use a tor browser as well so I don’t usually get those kinds of things which is why I was a little confused. I’m very protective of my computer and information so I just wanted to double check in case the link was a root key program or something.

just always check source and you are fine
Wish you luck.
So you get approved yah now hope you make more money.

I also checked one of your gig in which you posted a video, i think you can make youtube video i know two kids brother and sister. they watch these vidoes whole day.
The reason i am saying because you look natural and production is nice
Wish you luck.

I’m awful at video editing. Maybe I can request a custom order for someone to filter through my hours of content and put together a video of whatever is worth watching haha. And thank you for the compliment.

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only think you need is practice. Do that and you will fine. For me you look natural and that’s the main thing. I can not leave my mouth open for that Long(You did that in the end of your video) specially if i am playing any game.