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I received yesterday something like… Congratz you received a easter bonus…message from a user with a link that looks like phishing… had anyone else received this?

Of course I didn’t follow them but I think it should be a attention mark for us…


There was a post about this on the forums last week. Fiverr members are frequently targeted by phishing expeditions because hackers know we have money in our accounts which we transfer out to other sites, such as Paypal. So they target members in an effort to obtain account information from those who are naïve to these sorts of situations, after which they very quickly empty the member’s account. The forums are full of sad tales of woe. And of course the money can not be retrieved, which is very distressing to those who have worked so hard.

As a general rule, any unsolicited files of ANY sort should be quickly deleted. And unsolicited messages should be viewed cautiously, since it could be a buyer genuinely looking to see if you can do a job for them but it also could be a very clever hacker. Run an anti-virus scan on it before opening, to be sure it contains no malware or virus. Never click on links contained in unsolicited or suspicious messages. And of course, as with any online account, change your password often. (*)