Phone App Radio Channel now open for Fiverr Sellers!


Hi folks

After using the mobile app “Zello” For quite some time now I thought it would be a great idea to get a channel made for Fiverr for us sellers to have discussions, debates, or just general chit chat.

The app works like a Radio.

You create an account

You join a channel

you listen to the conversation

you push and hold the big button in the middle

if you time it right and no one is talking, it will then glow red

Talk away!

It uses only internet data, and a very little amount at that!

When you first download the app go to channels, then hit the + symbol (top right corner)

Search box type in Fiverr

touch the channel, then connect to channel

All level 1 to top rated sellers get moderator status!

See you in there!


Well there needs to be more people in there for starters lol.

Maybe if we have a designated meeting time?

The London zello channel is good for talks about politics and stuff, there are many channels out there with thousands of people on it.


Come on people get involved!


Alrigh… I will say one thing… I did look at Zello, and like it, I joined to see if it’s practical. :slight_smile:


Yep I see you in channel, talk away!


This is a good app for friends and family, but as a fiverr use, I don’t see an advantage to it over the forum.