Phone Application


Well I have iOS but I had Android in past so on both devices I was using and I still do Fiverr App.But that thing “Always Online” doesn’t really work for me,I checked in my settings its ON but it still “disconnect” me from website and show me as offline after a while.



Are you letting the Fiverr app open without switching to other app? You will get disconnected if using other app at the same time for some minutes.

Always online just works fine with PCs or Laptops with browsers. Maybe this is something Fiverr must to update.


Nah I just lock my phone


By locking the phone, does the app refresh (reload) the session when you
come back?


Your profile is online to me. I’ve looked at it 3 times.


Well I turn off my app and open it again from time to time so yea.


Check your background app refresh is on.


Have you checked the 'Do not use Wifi, when locked" option?


I don’t think so because I get msgs and everything else


Get your device checked by someone who is familiar with smartphones. This is mainly caused by the device’s power-saving settings, preset by some carriers.