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Phone call with a buyer?

Hello all, a buyer asked to phone chat with me so we can talk about me writing his memoir. Is this against TOS? I don’t want to get in trouble. He seems to have good reviews from other sellers. If not, what can I say to him?

EDIT: He got a little miffed and said that he expects to have phone convos with the person who will write his memoir, which I totally understand. But I advised him to look outside of Fiverr since everyone on the site is subject to the same TOS rules.


that would be against TOS (communication outside fiverr) and would also be a terrible idea

tell him you can’t because you’ll get into trouble. if he gives his number, that post will be flagged and the whole lousy order will be reviewed


It’s as I suspected. Ok, I’ll tell him that :blush:


It will depend on the order type, order value, etc.

For a $5 order that is super simple? Of course not.
For a $5000 order that needs a lot of communication? Of course.

In any case, check with CS, explain the situation and ask how to proceed.

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Well, he already said that he’ll secure someone is so it’s out of my hands now :woman_shrugging:

Oh well, it happens. If you have to ask, probably refusing was the right choice.

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and in any case, it depends on whether communication outside of fiverr is necessary for the gig to gig to happen, which in this case i don’t think is the case. plus there would be no paper trail with a phone call

Yes, thanks for the advice either way. I honestly feel like even a large scale project cannot be discussed out of Fiverr. They certainly wouldn’t want to risk losing out on the pay out if you conspire with the buyer to be paid outside of Fiverr.

Very hard to say if this is the case or not with so little information. Writing a memoir is a massive project imo, and would definitely justify it.

I think he got miffed as he was probably rejected by others before hand. Who knows.

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That depends on your account, among other factors. I regularly have calls with buyers to close deals. Above certain price points it’s pretty much a necessity. And it’s better for Fiverr as well, since otherwise a lot of deals wouldn’t happen and they would make zero.

Ah well, I lost out. It is what it is. I’ll remember that for next time😞

Just make sure you contact CS and expose the situation first.

Also what does it mean when you send a message and it says: after reviewing your message we’ve decided to approve it, and [buyer] received the message at (time sent).

Well, it sounds pretty self-explanatory? Never happened to me.

that means that something in your message flagged the system, so your message was withheld, and fiverr ultimately allowed it. probably the phraze “phone number”. has happened to me, with a story i ordered…


Oh, I wrote phone call so that’s probably why.

It’s also probably for the best as I’ve never written a memoir before. I do mostly genre writing anyway and wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone.