Phone? Customer service?


Horrible. On timeline and after being 13 hours late, programmer is complaining about going to bed lololol. He’s not communicated or finished job. Refund please.


If he’s complaining about going to bed, then I guess at least he’s communicating some?

On a more serious note, this forum is for buyers and sellers. Actual Fiverr employees don’t visit here much.

There should be a link to support at the bottom of the main page of Fiverr. Also, if the order is cancelled, you’ll get your money back.



You can just say thank you.


How is she going to help with a cancellation? She is a seller, not fiverr staff.


To be fair, he did say thanks. He just doesn’t appreciate levity, which is…justifiable? I don’t know.

@davidwellons Keep in mind, though, that none of us are obligated to help you. The best thing we can do is give you suggestions that you can choose to follow–or not.

If you want actual help, though, go to CS; they’ll help you out as they see fit!


It a good idea to be polite when you ask for a refund from any place. Telling someone you are asking for a refund to “keep their sarcasm” seems counterproductive.


Just have better service then the gentlemen that took my order. He’s left me stranded. Sorry for the comment. Been up 36 hours trying to fix what pays bills for my family. Everyone have a great day. Didn’t mean to post this here. Fiverr will not contact me, so I most of filled an extra form, because I have all the emails telling me 12-18 hours. They just be sleepy as well lol.


Obligated to put an add on in that’s paid for? After payment that might be an obligation, right?


I’m talking about the forum members, not your sellers. Of course he’s supposed to be helping you. But if he’s not doing his job, then I guess cancellation is the only option.


Of course. Didn’t realize I was complaining to you. I mistakenly put a comment on forum, instead of support ticket. I’ll complain through the correct channels and am sorry for any inconveniences I’ve caused. I’m sure most of you help small business owners in amazing ways. I’ve really just got, well I’ll save my complains lololol
Take care!


I have and I truly didn’t mean to post on forum. Except maybe if there was a number, but that’s an easy answer lol.


Yeah, it’s all good!

There might be a phone number, but I don’t think it’s the best way to reach support. I believe that the link that offlinehelpers supplied should be your best bet. Good luck!


I can say whatever I’d like, if I believe it’s truthful. Honestly thought she was rep there, and that would be unprofessional. If you disagree, I’m sorry.


You can try telling the seller you want a refund. You can initiate a refund request with the seller through the resolution page on the order.

You are not supposed to be rude on this forum so technically you can’t say whatever you like here. That’s why your comment was flagged.

I would love to say whatever I like here but learned the hard way I can’t.


Fiverr HQ is in Israel so even though they probably have a phone, they aren’t the Customer Support department. Normally you can get very good help through the Customer Support department but it is not a large group and they just work normal hours, not around the clock. So, they typically answer tickets in 12-48 hours depending on how busy they are and how complex your issue is.

Since you didn’t mean to post on the forum (and there are no Support staff here) this thread will be closed.


OP intended to contact Customer Support